I. Racetin1, M. Lapaine2

1 - Geodetic Bureau Split

2 - Faculty of Geodesy University of Zagreb


The making of topographic database of the Official Topographic Cartographic Information System (STOKIS) at scale of 1:25 000 is close to its end in Croatia. It is a great success for the country that survived massive war devastation just 10 to 15 years ago. The State Geodetic Administration (SGA), private sector and the Croatian Geodetic Institute (CGI) are involved in STOKIS topographic database making. They are considering all European and world standards in that field and also the demands of the INSPIRE project in that production. The STOKIS system has structure similar to that of the German Official Topographic Cartographic Information System (ATKIS). Today in Croatia, as in many other European countries with similar systems, we are coping with the question how to place a product such as topographic data to the market. In every case, one of the solutions is to make it as close to the user as possible. Today, a cartographic product user is much more demanding than only few years ago. He expects fast and exact information, reachable in every place of the Earth. That is why cartographic community has to get closer to those demands as soon and as efficient as possible. Croatian STOKIS topographic data are 1-10 years old. As such, they cannot completely satisfy all potential STOKIS users. Soon, the time will come when Croatia will have to find certain solutions that will satisfy potential users. One of them is to find efficient updating methods on short-term and long-term basis.