S.V.Serebryakov, L.M.Rasskazova, M.V.Klepinina

FGUP Uralgeoinform


Taking part in creation of territories general plans the "Uralgeoinform" center together with FGUP Russian State Institute of Town-Planning and Investment Development "HYPROGOR" Moscow, FGUP NIIP "Town-Planning" St.-Petersburg, Promstroj NII, U workshop "General Plan , Yekaterinburg, etc. has defined the general problems:

  1. Complexity of initial data preparation
  2. Necessity of the final work unification for all developed General Plans (registration on uniform conventional signs, the identical name of the same objects in various schemes)
  3. Formation of General Plans in an electronic form for daily work use in GIS at administrative decision making.

Studying of Customers requirements on behalf of municipal formations Chief architects at municipal GIS creation and creation of territorial planning schemes on the certain territory (city, settlement of city type, industrial community, city district, and municipal formation) have allowed building some works technological scheme.

First step was creation of the cartographic information qualifier forming a basis for work on territorial planning schemes. If it is necessary the structure of the qualifier objects is resulted according to normative documents up to classified or open publication.

Second step was creation of the objects thematic qualifier necessary for creation all possible (obligatory and additional) schemes for territories and settlements with various number of inhabitants.

The set of the thematic qualifier objects for creation of GP schemes has been made in view of the new town-planning code of the Russian Federation, accepted on December, 12, 2004 and Decisions of the State Committee of the Russian Federation on Construction and Housing-Communal Complex dated from October, 29, 2002 150

Visualization (graphic display) of objects is created together with employees of the Ural State Architecturally - Art Academy. For printing, in view of certain plotters or printers features there is an opportunity of objects colour spectrum fine tuning. GP qualifier is shifted into InGeo software product in following scales 1:25 000, 1:10 000, 1: 5 000, 1:2000. The choice of software product has been coordinated with our main Customers who basically use InGeo. The set of attributive data is certain from necessity of their use in GIS and opportunities of software products (in semantics the data which does not demand plenty of symbols for their filling are brought, all other data may be stored in databases).

The simplified technological scheme of GP schemes creation:

  • Studying of requirements specification
  • Definition of work territory, a population
  • Initial data gathering
  • Definition of schemes and the object set definition in them (according to scales)
  • Adjustment of the qualifier
  • Creation of schemes in an electronic form
  • Their preparation for printing

For correct and unequivocal input of objects the rules of the digital description (PTsO) are created, where the general rules of all types localization object input (line, area, point), rules of the most complex object input and the order of their construction are registered.