M. Barea Solis, M. Redondo, E. PARDO Perez

Instituto de cartografia de Andalucia


The Institute of Cartography of Andalusia belonging to the Public Works and Transport Area of the Andalusian Government is the organism that has assigned the functions of programming and elaboration the basic and derived cartography of the second region more extend in Spain (about 87000 square kilometres of dynamic areas) and the coordination and cartographic normalization of the thematic cartography and cartographic data bases (Low 141/2006, July 18th). Also, there is regulated the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Andalusia (IDEAndalucia), which tries to lead all the spatial information placed in the territory of the region and developed by the different generating agents (public entities, private companies, etc...). Everything according with the newly approved INSPIRE proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing an infrastructure for spatial information in the Community.

The Andalusian SDI first steps were given few years ago, though it has not been until March 2006 the moment in which the SDI web started working. ( Giving WMS services of orthophotography (three series 2004, 2001 and 1998) and vectorial and raster cartography (1:100000 scale), covering the whole territory. On the other hand, the Andalusian SDI has one of the few metadata catalogues (CS-W) that exist in Spain opened on web. In our catalogue there are stored more than 12000 records, being able to be consulted and even to visualize in some cases the information. This metadata information is realized by a specific profile of the norm ISO-19115 and nowadays we are working to transform them to the ISO-19139 scheme.

The software used for the servers and the operative system is proprietary. Now we are testing all the open source map servers analysing what they give us concerning the different standards, Mapserver for WMS and WCS and Geoserver for WFS. This work join with what is being done from the local government, existing a Linux distribution developed by them (Guadalinex) and also a repository of software with GIS tools.

Therefore, the Andalusian SDI is one of many doors opened by the Government of Andalusia to show our territory, in this case the spatial existing dates, being accessible by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards. These are the reasons why from the Institute of Cartography of Andalusia we want to show you our work related to the Spatial Date Infrastructures.