R.C. Peng, Z.P. Chen, G.H. Liu, W.J. Gao

Department of Hydrography and Cartography, Dalian Naval Academy, Dalian, China


A complex technique problem about how to update the chart information has troubled the mapping department all over the world for a long time, which hasn’t been effective solved till now. There are two conventional methods: first, by determining a update cycle and using the new survey data to update the accomplished chart; second, according to the need to update part or all content of the chart when needed. The chart is a special kind of map, and its main purpose is to keep the navigation safe. The chart describes the important information needed by navigation such as the soundings, the obstructions, the navigation control area, the buoy and the landmark, but this information may be changing with the time. Besides keeping the consistency of the collectivity and the chart, we should establish a Notice to Mariners (about once a week) to update the paper chart effectively. In the recent ten years, the digital chart has developed very quickly, and a large number of digital chart have been published in each scale recently. But our digital chart has not established a corresponding update method effectively till now, which keep our digital chart from being put into our daily navigation use. Apparently, in order to change this situation, we should establish an effective method to update the digital chart. At the present time, the vector digital chart our published is mainly in the format of MVCF (military vector chart format), so this article mainly discussed the problem of updating the shape format digital chart.