Conference service:


    1. Hotel accommodation of the Conference participants
    2. Visa support for the Conference participants
    3. Transfer (transport service for the Conference participants)
    4. Registration of the Conference participants
    5. Cultural program
    6. Conference room rent for sessions accommodation, office equipment rent

          The External Economic Joint-Stock Company on Tourism and Iinvestments "INTOURIST"
    Contact person: Mr. Andrey Polovetsky, Mr. Vadim Tuhvatulin, Mrs. Tatyana Semerikova
    Tel: +7(495)730-61-18; Fax: +7(495)956-89-34


    1. Cartographical exhibition matters
    2. Participants of the Cartographical Exhibition accommodation
    3. Visa support for the Cartographical Exhibition participants
    4. Rent of exhibition space
    5. Transfer (transport service for exhibition participants)

          OOO “ Travel”
    Contact persons: Mrs. Lyudmila Kuzmina, Mrs. Natalia Sitnikova, Mrs. Ekaterina Pastukhova
    Tel/Fax +7(495)105-34-86; +7(495)268-99-04


    1. Reception of theses and full report texts
    2. Conference site management
    3. Correspondence of Conference participants with Organizing Committee
    4. Travel awards for young scientists
    5. Technical tours organization

          Inter-Regional Public Organization «The Russian Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management Society»
    Contact person: Mr. Vladimir Habarov
    Tel/Fax: +7(495)456-95-41 (in English);
                  +7(495)124-35-74 (in Russian);

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