Dear colleagues!

    The capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow, is selected as a venue of the ICA XIV General Assembly and XXIII International Cartographic Conference which would take place from August, 4 till August, 10th, 2007. It is convinced, that the General Assembly and the International Cartographic Conference will promote development of a world science in the field of theoretical and practical cartography and GIS-technology.

    Borodko Alexander Viktorovich                                   Moscow

    Every four years a plenty of scientists, experts widely known in the cartographic community, students participate in these ICA event to communicate about activity of the academic institutes, universities, representatives of the national cartographic services (agencies), which are responsible for cartography in their countries, and also companies whose activity is connected with cartography, remote sensing and GIS.
    ICA has agreed with the offer of the State Surveying and Mapping Service of the Russian Federation and National Cartographic Committee of the Russian Federation to hold the ICA XIV General Assembly and XXIII International Cartographic Conference in Moscow, Russia.
    The motto of the conference «Cartography for everyone and for you» is chosen proceeding from the fact that now without a cartographic component the qualitative decision of problems of a society or even a citizen is impossible. Cartography was, is and there will be one of bases of the states development and fast changes occurring in information technologies applied in cartography, ecology, natural resources development and management that are closely connected with changes in social sphere, economy and industry.
    For this reason the cartography is a data carrier about territory of the states, population number and density, about natural resources, and is a source of knowledge which is demanded by a society.
    The motto of conference is chosen with the purpose to display the value and a place of cartography for a society and a person.
    The Organizing Committee will accept reports of the ICA XXIII International Cartographic Conference participants. Themes of reports are placed in the 1st circular and cover the most important scientific and industrial trends in sphere of cartography.
    The International Cartographic Exhibition is included in program of conference. It is supposed, that participants of this Exhibition will present the best cartographic products of the countries, the organizations, the companies. The exhibition area for an exposition of production will be given to each participant of the Exhibition. This Exhibition will allow all participants and visitors to familiarize with the best products of world cartography. Besides, there will be held the Children's Pictures Exhibition named after Barbara Petchenik. During this Exhibition the pictures drawn by children, which have been selected in the countries, should be presented. The motto of the Children's Pictures Exhibition – «The World around me and you».
    Also the Technical Exhibition will be organized enabling participants to familiarize with the newest process equipment, technologies and the software products used in practical cartography, cartographic science. The Exhibition will allow participants of the Conference to exchange knowledge and practical experience.
    At the ICA XIV General Assembly the Executive Committee and the various Commissions will report on the work of the ICA in preceding four year period, consider any proposals from the Executive Committee, elect a new Executive Committee and decide upon the work program for the next four years, which will be done by the Commissions and Working Groups.
    The National Cartographic Committee of the Russian Federation invites you to take part in the Conference and is ready to accept reports.
    Moscow is a beautiful city with centuries-old history, culture and spiritual traditions of world value. In Moscow the centers of science, higher educational institutions, scientific research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, enterprises and organizations, companies and firms are concentrated, whose activity is directly connected with cartography.

    Looking forward to a meeting in Moscow in 2007!

    Dr. Alexandr Borodko 
    Head, The Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography, The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding the 23 International Cartograpfic Conference (ICC 2007)

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