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ICA News

ICA News, Number 73, December 2019

ICA News is a biannual newsletter documenting the activities of the ICA and its members and commissions. It is published by the International Cartographic Association (ICA) and edited by Igor Drecki.

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Editor ICA News Igor DreckiIgor Drecki
E-Mail: i.drecki@auckland.ac.nz

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The University of Auckland Library
Private Bag 92019
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  • Ayman Wadi says:

    thank you very much

    23 April 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I appreciated so much this ICA/ACI Report on line I had a pleasure on knowing some ICA Mr Presidents – Prof.Milan Konecny, Prof. Joil Morrisson, Prof. D R Fraser Taylor, Prof. Michael Wood and now Prof Georg Gartner,last year in Niterói/RJ, a very nice place at the Guanabara Bay, on the Brazilian Navy Hidrographic Diretory – DHN/CHN,during the party after the Cartographer Day Ceremony where he was won a Cartographic Medal in honour of his dedication on promoting cartographic activities around the world from the Brazilian Society of Cartography besides the General Divison Pedro Ronalt Vieira from the Brazilian Army – Director from the Geographic Service Directory, my clever alumn at IME (1991) and our Presidenta Dr Wasmália Bivar (IBGE), I sent you a photo. I remeber with best feelings about Austria,I and my family stayed there on different times. I was attend at the ISPRS Congress in July, 1996 with a presented and printed paper “Cartographic Alternatives on the Amazon” at the traditional International Archives for Photogrammety and Remote Sensing. At this time I defend the SAR mapping to Brazilian Amazon. I stayed in Vienna and vicinity about 22 or 23 days…at he conferences and enjoying by myself of course…Years later I wrote some versions ( A MIRA 106,132, CD ROM XXCBC/SBC-PUC-RS-POA,ISBCH- Paraty/UFMG…) about the Austrian Emperor Military Cartographic Mission at the Brazilian Army,in the realty I told about the Brazilian Photogrammetric History, on solving a diplomatic problem in border or frontier with our dear sister Republic of Argentine on adoppiting pairs of aerial photos at first or in advance in the South America, in Topographic Maps or Charts.They arrived here at the Conceição Fortification – 5aDL/DSG,October,14th,1920 (I was born exactly on this day,in 1995) on teaching moderns photogrammetric activities on mapping producing to the Brazilians Officials.The Gen Von Hubbel and his wife come to Austria after four years,but somebodies did not come back and decided on living in Rio de Janeiro working, in the Army, at our IBGE…I have been writing about the Brazilian frontiers on the magazine – The LOOK – Geometer and Cartography or in portuguese A MIRA – Agrimensura e Cartografia from Criciúma, State of Santa Catrina,in the South of Brazil, Nos. 142 (The meanly principles on demarc frontiers in Brazil at South America), 144 (Marechal Rondon ‘s life one of Brazilian Army Heroe), 162 (Emil Odebrecht’s life – A German Brazilian Heroe, who demarc frontier with Argentine), 163 (State of Acre) and our last frontier in the White Continet -Antartic with DHN, see A MIRA 161…well,the first Brazilian Emperor D. Pedro I ‘s first wife was D. Leopoldina from de Habbsburg Family and then I had a proud on participating on the some way on the 1000th Years of the Austrian Emperor Hungary..ISPRS 1996, Mozart, Dolezal…D.Pedro made our Independence day, September,7th,1822.. about Geotechnologies against the crime in South America border see me at MOBILE – InfoGNSS 33 – MUNDOGEO/Curitiba, State of Paraná…and at ABEA’ s Magazine also

    Thanks a lot

    Eliane Alves da Silva
    Cartographer Engineer/Geographer Msc
    IBGE/DGC/GDI – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
    Retired Professor at Uff
    Former Adviser from CREA-RJ
    Former Professor at IME
    Former Adviser at Engineering Club
    Monteiro Lobato ESG Classroom
    Adviser ABEA/FEBRAE

    19 March 2013 at 8:46 pm
  • Igor Drecki

    Igor Drecki says:

    Dear Eliane
    Thank you for your post. I am glad you enjoy the on-line version of the ICA News.

    9 April 2013 at 8:39 am

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