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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationView our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

ICC 2003


The 21st International Cartographic Conference
took place in Durban, South Africa, 10–16 August 2003.



Proceedings of the conference can be found here (external link) (only works when opened within the browser).


General Assembly

The conference hosted the 12th General Assembly of the ICA.

Minutes (in English an French)


International Cartographic Exhibition

The jury reviewed 825 maps and atlases, including 37 multimedia items, to pick what they thought were the best in the various categories. The cartographic materials were produced over the past two years, since the previous conference held in Beijing, China, in 2001. The number of maps submitted by countries ranged from two from Portugal to 84 from Russia with Spain and the United Kingdom close behind with 82 each. The only other countries exhibiting more than 40 maps were Poland (46) and the United States (58). In addition to the jury vote there was also a public vote. The international jury consisted of:

  • William Cartwright, Chair (Australia)
  • Magda Roos, Secretary (South Africa)
  • Anne Hegner (Sweden)
  • Cindy Brewer (USA)
  • Kira Shingareva (Russia)
  • Takashi Morita (Japan)
  • Chris Board (UK)
  • Li Li (China)
AtlasesJury: Atlas of Prague – integrated city transport, Czech Republic
Public: Atlas of the contemporary history of China China
MultimediaJury: Atlas of Oregon, USA
Jury+Public: Atlas of Switzerland – interactive 2, Switzerland
Parks and RecreationJury: Cycle map Usedom/Wollin, Germany
Public: Alps without frontiers no. 16 “Petit St. Bernard/Mont-Blanc”, Switzerland
Relief ModelsJury+Public: Relief map of Iberian Peninsula, Balearics and Canarys Islands, Spain
Jury: True 3D Map of Granatspitz Massif, Salzburg Alps, Austria, Germany
Satellite Image MapsJury: Satellite Image of Australia – Landsat 7, Australia
Public: Nighttime lights of the World 1994–1995, USA
Scientific MapsJury: International Metallogenic Map of Africa, France
Public: European-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Map, Spain
Topographic MapsJury: County map of Rogaland, Norway
Jury: Map of the Autonomous region of Valencia, Spain
Jury+Public: Guide map of Sierra Nevada – “Las Alpujarras”, Spain
Urban MapsJury: Urban Topographic Cartography, Spain
Public: Berlin, China
Tactile MapsJury: Tactile map of Ljubljana city, Slovenia
OtherJury: Map of Russia, Russia


Barbara Petchenik Award

Too see all exhibited maps, please visit the Winner Map Collection at the Carleton University Library.

open all

Jhonatan Costa Batista (4)
special award

Human beings, signs of equality

winning map

Alessia Del Lungo (6)

Children united round the world for a brighter future

winning map

Nayafakda Ihsania (8)

Keep on the world and its content, don't break up by war!

winning map

Leny Vladimirova Mircheva (11)

The children and flowers will make a better world

winning map

Gabriella Fink and György Viszti (12)

Preserve the earth for future generations! (Pandaworld is a better world for children)

winning map

Patrycja Matuszewska (12)

How good with parents

winning map

Zhenya Vidyapina (12)
special award

Cherish our nature

winning map

Rachelle Domingo et al. (13)

United pieces
by Rachelle Domingo, Michael Estalilla, Argielica Jumarang and Catherine Ambicki

winning map

Atayan Samvel (14)
special award

Economical threatens for the children's life

winning map

Ben Hankins (14)
United Kingdom

For the children make our world a better place

winning map

Tércio Silote (14)

It only depends on us! The world is in our hands

winning map

Ilse Wiehahn (15)
South Africa

Making a better world for children

winning map


Travel Awards

Prem ChhetriIndiaMapping the potential of scenic views for the Grampians National park
Etien KouaCôte d’IvoireUsing self-organised maps for information visualization
Giedre BeconyteLithuaniaTwelve years of thematic cartography in Lithuania
Nnabugwu O UluochaNigeriaInterfacing indigenous knowledge and GIS for suitable rural mapping and development
Felicia I AkinyemiNigeriaMapping selected human development indicators in sub-saharan Africa
Henrik HargitaiHungaryPlanetary maps for public and educational outreach
Tatiana Delgado FernándezCubaService-centric approach to discover spatial information in GSDI
Rafael Cruz IglesiasCubaDevelopment of a platform for storage and handling of geographical information in the Internet


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