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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationView our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

ICC 2015

ICC 2015

The 27th International Cartographic Conference and the 16th General Assembly of ICA took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23–28 August 2015.

Conference website



The proceedings of the conference (ISBN 978-85-88783-11-9) can be found here.


General Assembly

The conference hosted the 16th General Assembly of the ICA.

Minutes (in English an French)


ICA Awards

At the ICA Awards Ceremony at ICC2015 the following awards were presented in recognition of contributions to the ICA.
David FairbairnUnited KingdomICA Honorary Fellowship
Vladimir TikunovRussiaDiploma for outstanding services to ICA
Elri LiebenbergSouth AfricaDiploma for outstanding services to ICA
José Jesús Reyes NuñezHungaryDiploma for outstanding services to ICA
David FraserAustraliaDiploma for outstanding services to ICA
Corné van ElzakkerThe NetherlandsDiploma for outstanding services to ICA
Recipients of ICA Awards at ICC2015

From left to right: Trisha Moriarty as representative of David Fraser, José Jesús Reyes Nuñez, Elri Liebenberg, David Fairbairn, Vladimir Tikunov, Corné van Elzakker


Pre-Conference Activities

Several ICA Commissions were organizing pre-conference events.

DateVenueTitleOrganized by the Commission(s) on
19–21 AugRio de JaneiroSymposium on Atlases, Topography and the History of CartographyAtlases, Toponomy, History of Cartography
20 AugCuritibaDesigning and Conducting User StudiesUse and User Issues, Cognitive Visualization
20–21 AugCuritibaAdvances in Cartographic Practice in the Classroom and on the WebMaps and the Internet, Education and Training
21–22 AugRio de JaneiroGeneralisation and Multiple RepresentationGeneralization
21–22 AugRio de JaneiroMapping Ephemeralities / Ephemeral CartographiesArt & Cartography, Maps and Society
21–22 AugNiteroiCartography beyond the ordinary worldCartography and Children, Maps for Blind and Partially Sighted People, Planetary Cartography, Cartography in Early Warning and Crisis Management
21 AugRio de JaneiroSpatial data infrastructures, standards, open source and open data for geospatialGeoinformation Infrastructures and Standards, Open Source Geospatial
21 AugCuritibaEnvisioning the Future of Cartographic ResearchCognitive Visualization, Use and User Issues, Geovisualization, Map Design
21 AugRio de JaneiroTowards Evolutionary Cartography from Global PerspectivesTheoretical Cartography, Ubiquitous Mapping


Map awards

The winning entries are listed below – some of them will be featured in our Map of the Month section. For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC 2015, please check the PDF catalogue.

Maps on paper1st3D Map Longyearbyen and environs, Norway, details
2ndPanorama Map of Kanto Mountains & Mt. Fuji, Japan
3rdOccupying São Paulo – An Augmented City Map, Belgium, details
Atlases1stThe Atlas of Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands, Netherlands
2ndGraphical and Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1914–2014, Switzerland, details
3rdAtlas of Typical Landform in Western China, China
Digital Products1stProject Supra: Real-time Heatmaps from Sports Workouts, Finland, details
2ndOV-Map, Netherlands, details
3rdBeCarto 14-18, Belgium
Educational cartographic products1stEnjoy the map – Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic
2ndThe Kakamega-Nandi Forests Puzzli, Germany, details
3rdCollins First Atlas, United Kingdom
Other cartographic products1st3D View of the Beautiful Earth, China
2ndBelle-Ile: Relief map on demand, France
3rdGeological Textile, Japan, details
Public vote3D View of the Beautiful Earth, China
Jury of the ICA Map Awards

Jury of the ICA Map Awards

The international jury had the following members:

  • Kenneth Field (Chair), United Kingdom
  • Derek Clarke, South Africa
  • Amy Griffin, Australia
  • Anja Hopfstock, Germany
  • Lorenz Hurni, Switzerland
  • Alexander Kent, United Kingdom
  • Takashi Morita, Japan
  • Anthony Robinson, USA
  • Vit Vozenilek, Czeck Republic
  • João Bosco, Brazil (LOC)
  • Luiz Henrique Castiglione, Brazil (LOC)


Barbara Petchenik Competition

189 drawings from 38 countries were exhibited. All of them will soon be accessible in the Winner Map Collection at the Carleton University Library. 287 people participated in the public vote.

open all

Adam Paketur (5)
< 6 years, 1st place

I live here

winning map

Aleksandra Garkova (5)
< 6 years, 2nd place

The animals of the world

winning map

Ruwindya Indraratne (5)
Sri Lanka
< 6 years, 3rd place

We'll fix the pieces to bring peace

winning map

Andraž Umek (8)
6–8 years, 1st place

The whole world is on the same boat

winning map

Adristi Hita Andani (8)
6–8 years, 2nd place

Our Earth and Pollutions

winning map

Luka H.del Avellano et al. (8)
6–8 years, 3rd place

We are part of all
by Luka H.del Avellano and Luana N.Salazar Harder

winning map

Alexandra Papadopoulou et al. (12)
9–12 years, 1st place

My place in today's world through my own vision
by Alexandra Papadopoulou, Maria Katopodi, Christina Louko

The authors of this submission are three blind children who constructed this map for the blind using methodologies learned at their Special Primary School for the Blind

winning map

Maria Piątkowska (12)
9–12 years, 2nd place

Europe is my home

winning map

Ada Maria Ciontu (11)
9–12 years, 3rd place

Building bridges of peace across the world

winning map

Liao Zhiyuan (15)
>12 years, 1st place

A world of lotus, a world of harmony

winning map

Valentina Sturcz (14)
>12 years, 2nd place

Let the music for everyone

winning map

Pan Sin Yi (15)
>12 years, 3rd place + public

The world in our hands

winning map


Members of the jury

Members of the jury

The jury members were

  • Necla Ulugtekin, Turkey, chair
  • José Jesús Reyes Nuñez, Hungary, chair of the commission on cartography and children
  • Ana Maria Garra, Argentina
  • Angelica di Maio, Brazil (LOC)
  • Rumiana Vatseva, Bulgaria
  • Giedrė Beconytė, Lithuania
  • Dariusz Dukaczewski, Poland
  • Pilar Sanchez, Spain
  • Robert Edsall, USA
  • Carla Sena, Brazil, substitute member


Commissions at a glance

During ICC 2015 all new and re-elected commission chairs presented their commissions in a speed presentation. You can check out the presentation slides below.



The ICA Research Scholarships 2014/15 were awarded to the following five young scientists:
Amin Mobasheri, Germany
Jiri Pánek,
Czech Republic
Merve Keskin, Turkey
Taien Ng-Chan, Canada
Zbynek Sterba, Czech Republic
ICA Research Scholars

Laszlo Zentai and Georg Gartner congratulate the ICA Research Scholars 2015 at ICC2015 in Rio, Brazil. From left to right: Zbynek Sterba, Taien Ng-Chan, Amin Mobasheri, Jiri Pánek and Merve Keskin


Orienteering event

Participants of the orienteering event

Participants of the ICC2015 orienteering event at Ilha de Fundão

Details and results of the orienteering event on August 26 at Ilha de Fundão can be found in our orienteering section.

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