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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationGet to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027

ICC 2019

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The 29th International Cartographic Conference and 18th General Assembly took place in Tokyo, Japan, 15–20 July 2019.

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#icc2019tokyo in Numbers

  • 950 participants from over 75 countries
  • Papers: 750 presentations, 150 sessions
  • 4 keynote speeches + 2 special sessions
  • International Map Exhibition: 385 maps and related objects from 30 countries
  • International Children’s Map Competition: 188 maps from 33 countries
  • 22 booths for Technical and Commercial Exhibition
  • 400 participants for the Opening reception
  • 250 participants for the Gala Dinner
  • 50 grants for young researchers


The proceedings can be found here: The program can be viewed as PDF.

General Assembly

The conference hosted the 18th General Assembly of ICA. Details can be found here.

ICA Awards

At the ICA Awards Ceremony at ICC2019 the following awards were presented in recognition of contributions to the ICA:
Evangelos LivieratosGreeceICA Honorary Fellowship
Miljenko LapaineCroatiaICA Honorary Fellowship
Takashi MoritaJapanDiploma for outstanding services to ICA
Evangelos Livieratos, Miljenko Lapaine, Takashi Morita

Evangelos Livieratos, Miljenko Lapaine, Takashi Morita


Pre-Conference Activities

Several ICA Commissions were organizing pre-conference events.

DateVenueTitleOrganized by the Commission(s) on
July 10–12Beijing, ChinaGeospatial and Cartographic Education – Contemporary Challenges and OpportunitiesEducation and Training
July 11–12Beijing, ChinaUser Experience Design for Mobile Cartography: Setting the AgendaCognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization | Location Based Services | Visual Analytics | Use, User and Usability Issues
July 12–14Akita, JapanFuture Internet and Ubiquitous Cartography 2019Maps and Internet | Ubiquitous Mapping
July 13–14Tokyo, JapanReclaiming through Mapping: Olympic Sites of TokyoArt and Cartography
July 13–14Tokyo and Tsukuba, JapanDisaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Challenges for Cartography in Big Data EraCartography for Early Warning and Crises Management
July 14Tokyo, JapanAtlases and InfographicsAtlases
July 14Tokyo, JapanMap ProjectionsMap Projections
July 15Tokyo, JapanAbstraction, Scale & PerceptionCognitive Visualization | Generalisation and Multiple Representation
July 15Tokyo, JapanCartography as a Cultural Encounter: How East and West have Mapped and Influenced Each OtherHistory of Cartography | Topographic Mapping
July 15Tokyo, JapanCartography for Specific UsersCartography and Children | Maps and Graphics for Blind and Partially Sighted People | Planetary Cartography
July 15Tokyo, JapanLocation-based Big Data 2019LBS | Geospatial Analysis and Modelling
July 15Tokyo, JapanRole and Structure of National Names BoardsToponymy
July 15Tokyo, JapanSpatial Data Infrastructures, Standards, Open Source and Open Data for Geospatial (SDI-Open 2019)SDI and Standards | Map Production & Geoinformation Management | Open Source Geospatial Technologies

Map awards

The winning entries are listed below. For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC2019, please check the PDF catalogue.
Atlases1st: National Atlas of Hungary, Hungary 2nd: Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897–2017, Switzerland 3rd: Atlas of Poland's Political Geography, Poland
Digital Products1st: Politics of Remembrance 1945–2015, Austria 2nd: Caydence, United Kingdom 3rd: Water Rhyme in Gusu, China
Educational cartographic products1st: Cartography. USA-Esri 2nd: TouchIt3D Tactile Maps, Czech Republic 3rd: Statistical Maps: Data Elaboration and Presentation, Poland
Other cartographic products1st: Map Data Provision Products, Japan 2nd: Transparent Globes, China 3rd: 3D model of Domnica Cave, Czech Republic
Charts on panels1st: The map of Northern Sea Area, China 2nd: Tokyo Wan, Japan 3rd: Abords et port de I'île Saint-Pierre, France
Maps on panels1st: Fimbulheimen in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, Norway 2nd: Ecological Area Map of the Estuary Wetland of Dagu River, China 3rd: The Melbourne Map, Australia
Public vote Water Rhyme in Gusu, China
The international jury had the following members:
  • Co-chairs: Kenneth Field and Ian Muehlenhaus
  • Temenoujka Bandrova
  • William Cartwright
  • Serena Coetzee
  • Igor Drecki
  • David Fairbairn
  • Georg Gartner
  • Amy Griffin
  • Anja Hopfstock
  • Lorenz Hurni
  • Antoni Moore
  • Dušan Petrovic
  • Hiroshi Une
  • Nonoko Tsukada


Barbara Petchenik Competition

188 drawings from 33 countries were exhibited. All of them will soon be accessible in the Winner Map Collection at the Carleton University Library.

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Members of the Jury

Members of the Jury

The jury members were

  • Pilar Sánchez-Ortiz Rodríguez, Spain – Chair
  • Ana María Garra, Argentina
  • Temenoujka Bandrova, Bulgaria
  • Simon Catling, Great Britain
  • Koji Ohnishi, Japan
  • Dariusz Dukaczewski, Poland
  • Necla Ulugtekin, Turkey
  • Naeema Al Hosani, United Arab Emirates
  • Carla Sena, Brazil and Jesus Reyes, Hungary – Substitute Members
  • Peter van der Krogt, The Netherlands – International Coordinator



NameCountryICA eventDateTitle of paper / posterSum in €
Aytaç YÜRÜKÇÜTURHistory of Cartography and the Topographic Mapping07/2019How East and West Cartographic Studies Influenced the Most Important 16th Century Ottoman Cartographer of Piri Reis and His World Maps200
Dr. Lei ZOUUSALocBigData 201907/2019Leveraging Location-Based Social Media for Smart Emergency Management200
Christian RÖGERDEULocBigData 201907/2019Visualizing the Complexity of Crossings using Star-Plot Maps200
Wangshu WANGAUTJoint Pre-Conference Workshop of the ICA Commission on Use, Users, and Usability, the Commission on Cognitive Visualization, the Commission on Location-based Services and the Commission on Visual Analytics07/2019Towards a Functional Ontology for Mobile Map Applications200
Nargiz SafaraliyevaAZEICC201907/2019Teaching basic map concepts in three countries: Azerbaijan, Hungary and United Arab Emirates1000
Malak AlasliMARICC201907/2019Toponyms’ contribution to identity: The case study of Rabat (Morocco) | Static Risk Mapping of Forest Fires - In the case of the Province of Chefchaouen (Morocco)800
Shyamantha SUBASINGHELKAICC201907/2019Urban Growth: From pixel to reality700
Dr. Alena VondrákováCZEICC201907/2019TouchIt3D: Technology (not only) for Tactile Maps | The Specifics of Cartographic Semiology in Tactile Maps600
Ashna Kareem ZadaIRQICC201907/2019Testing Maps for Visually Impaired People in Kurdistan600
Jagadish BINDICC201907/2019Deriving Multiple Representation Database: A Model Generalisation Approach500
Lukasz HalikPOLICC201907/2019Teaching of geographical space relations for cartography - Academic Outdoor Station in Poznan (Poland) | Workflow for 3D geovisualization of the data obtained with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Augmented Reality | The visualization of the use of land on the basis of the dynamics of the pedestrian movement from the interval UAV imaging | Measuring user preferences in virtual reality (VR): 2D versus 3D urban geovisualizations of topographic data500
Márton PálHUNICC201907/2019Digital cartography for geoheritage: turning an analogue geotourist map into digital | Possibilities of high precision GPS data in autonomous driving500
Nikola YonovBGRICC201907/2019School Atlas with Augmented Reality500
Radek BarvirCZEICC201907/2019The Specifics of Cartographic Semiology in Tactile Maps | TouchIt3D: Technology (not only) for Tactile Maps500
Pongpichaya William LimpisathianUSA / THAICC201907/2019Representations of Place in the Human Brain400
Ivan Evgenyevich FokinRussiaICC201907/2019The automation of processes of atlas mapping | Methods and algorithms for creation of structural schemes of rivers400
Nick LallyUSAICC201907/2019Mapping dynamic, non-Euclidean spaces | Interactive & Multiscale Thematic Maps: A Preliminary Study400
Xiao HuangUSA / CHNICC201907/2019Linking picture with text: tagging flood relevant tweets for rapid flood inundation mapping400
Carolyn S. FishUSAICC201907/2019Emotional responses to climate change map framing using facial emotion recognition technology300
Harrison ColeUSAICC201907/2019Toward Accessible Hazard Mapping: Tactile Risk Maps and Disaster Preparedness300
Laure De CockBELICC201907/2019Linking perception to decision point complexity for adaptive indoor wayfinding support300
Maja KalinicDEU / BIHICC201907/2019Floating Car Data and Fuzzy Logic for classifying congestion indexes in the city of Shanghai300
Ross ThornUSAICC201907/2019How to Play with Maps300

From left to right: Márton Pál, Nick Lally, Pongpichaya William Limpisathian, Radek Barvir, Malak Alasli, Dr. Alena Vondráková, Shyamantha Subasinghe, Ashna Kareem Zada, Harrison Cole, Maja Kalinic, Laure De Cock, Carolyn S. Fish, Nikola Yonov, Lukasz Halik, Ivan Evgenyevich Fokin, Jagadish B, Xiao Huang

From left to right: Christian Röger (pre-conference), Wangshu Wang (pre-conference), Nargiz Safaraliyeva (ICC), Dr. Lei ZOU (pre-conference)

Left: Aytaç YÜRÜKÇÜ, Pre-conference; Right: Ross Thorn, ICC


Commission reports

During ICC 2019, the commissions presented posters of their activities in the 2015–2019 term:

Orienteering event

Details and results of the orienteering event on July 19 at KIBA Park can be found in our orienteering section.
Group photo at the orienteering event

Group photo at the orienteering event


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