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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationGet to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027

ICC 2023

The 31st International Cartographic Conference and 19th General Assembly took place in Cape Town, South Africa, 13–18 August 2023. The conference theme was “Smart Cartography for Sustainable Development”.

Conference website


The proceedings can be found here:

An issue of the International Journal of Cartography was dedicated to the 31st ICC: Volume 9, Issue 3 (2023)

The program can be viewed as PDF.

General Assembly

The conference hosted the 19th General Assembly of ICA. Details can be found here.

ICA Awards

At the ICA Awards Ceremony the following awards were presented in recognition of contributions to the ICA and outstanding contributions to the field and science of cartography:

Cynthia BrewerUSACarl Mannerfelt Gold Medal
Derek ClarkeSouth AfricaICA Honoarary Fellowship
Lynn Usery †USAICA Honoarary Fellowship
Peter JordanAustriaICA Honoarary Fellowship
Morena LetsosaSouth AfricaICA Diploma for Outstanding Services
Serena CoetzeeSouth AfricaICA Diploma for Outstanding Services
Thabisile RambauSouth AfricaICA Diploma for Outstanding Services
Maroale Mimi ChaukeSouth AfricaICA Diploma for Outstanding Services
Janusha SinghSouth AfricaICA Diploma for Outstanding Services
S’lindi MhlongoSouth AfricaICA Diploma for Outstanding Services
Zelda CoetzeeSouth AfricaICA Diploma for Outstanding Services

Pre-Conference Activities

Several ICA Commissions were organizing pre-conference events:

DateLocationTitleOrganized by the Commission(s) on …
Aug 11Colophon Room, SANBI Centre for Biodiversity ConservationOGC Standards for making geospatial data, maps and charts findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusableSDI and Standards
Aug 11CD: National Geospatial InformationOther CartographiesArt and Cartography
Aug 12University of Cape Town – GeomaticstbdCartography in Early Warning and Crises Management (CEW&CM)
Aug 12Stellenbosch University, Chamber of Mines BuildingCartographic and Geospatial Information Education: Transformation in the Era of AIEducation and Training | Open Source Geospatial Technologies | Working Group Cartographic Body of Knowledge
Aug 12Stellenbosch University, Chamber of Mines buildingJoint Workshop on Cartography Connecting SchoolsCartography and Children | Maps and Graphics for Blind and Partially Sighted People
Aug 12Stellenbosch University, Chamber of Mines BuildingWorkshop on Cartography and AI (MapAI)Visual Analytics | Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization
Aug 12The Capetonian HotelSymposium on Location-based Big Data and GeoAI 2023 (LocBigDataAI 2023)Location Based Services | Geospatial Analysis and Modelling | Working Group on Digital Transformation of National Mapping Agencies
Aug 12University of the Western Cape – New Life Science Auditorium and FoyerStorytelling with Geographical VisualizationTopographic Mapping
Aug 12The Westin Cape TownVisualization of Dynamic Phenomena and Processes on Web Maps and Ubiquitous Mapping (Part II)Ubiquitous Mapping | Maps and the Internet

Map awards

For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC 2023, please check the PDF catalogue.

Maps on panels
  • 1st: Jan Mayen—Quaternary Geological Map, Norway
  • 2nd: The World—Great Discoveries, Great Britain
  • 3rd: Development of Cologne City Centre, Germany
  • Popular vote: Lacquer Land, Mountain and Sea, People’s Republic of China
Charts on panels
  • 1st: 3398 Durban, South Africa
  • 2nd: DE46 River Elbe, Belum to Krautsand, Germany
  • 3rd: Thunersee Seekarte, Switzerland
  • Popular vote: Thunersee Seekarte, Switzerland
  • 1st: National Atlas of Korea, Republic of Korea
  • 2nd: De Boeck Atlas, Belgium
  • 3rd: Israeli Online Statistical Atlas, Israel
  • Popular vote: National Atlas of Korea, Republic of Korea
Story Maps
  • 1st: Blue Calico Map: Old Streets of Qingdao, People’s Republic of China
  • 2nd: Dante’s Inferno, Czech Republic
  • 3rd: As Spoken and Speaking, Czech Republic
  • Popular vote: Dante’s Inferno, Czech Republic
Digital Products
  • 1st: Geostatistics Poland, Poland
  • 2nd: GISrael CARTO Database, Israel
  • 3rd: Eduard App, Switzerland
  • Popular vote: Cadastral Map Online, Austria
Educational cartographic products
  • 1st: Map on the Floor, Croatia
  • 2nd: Paper Braille Globe, Republic of Korea
  • 3rd: Interactive map of “Africa”, Ukraine
  • Popular vote: Paper Braille Globe, Republic of Korea
Other cartographic products
  • 1st: Maps for Colour Blind and World Braille Map, Republic of Korea
  • 2nd: Woodcarving Terrain Model of Wanzhou Urban Area, People’s Republic of China
  • 3rd: MAPshirt, Slovakia
  • Popular vote: Woodcarving Terrain Model of Wanzhou Urban Area, People’s Republic of China

The international jury had the following members:

  • Thabisile Rambau
  • Eva Luévano Orta
  • Andrés Arístegui
  • Thomas Schulz
  • Ian Muehlenhaus


Barbara Petchenik Competition

176 drawings from 32 countries were exhibited. All entries can be viewed here.

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The jury members were

  • José Jesús Reyes Nunez, Hungary – Chair
  • Ana María Garra, Argentina
  • Temenoujka Bandrova, Bulgaria
  • Naeema Al Hosani, United Arab Emirates
  • Catherine Njore, Kenya
  • Pilar Sánchez-Ortiz, Spain
  • Dariusz Dukaczewski, Poland
  • Thabisile Rambau, South Africa
  • Carla Sena, Brazil and Silvia Marinova, Bulgaria – Substitute Members
  • Peter van der Krogt, The Netherlands – International Coordinator



ICA scholarships help early career scientists or professionals in cartography and GIScience to participate in official ICA events.

NameCountryICA eventDateTitle of paper / posterSum in €Sum in $
Carmelo IgnaccoloUSAICC202308/2023Exclusionary tales on Beirut’s spaces of craftsmanship: tracing forms of enduring inequities through historical cartography and geolocated archival images300
Timothy J. PrestbyUSAICC202308/2023In Maps We Trust600
Esther Akoto AmoakoUSAICC202308/2023Associations Between Spatial Patterns of 2020 Covid-19 Case Rates and Zip Code Level Residential Burglary (2019-2020) in Chicago, Illinois600
Binbin LinUSAICC202308/2023Mapping the temporally evolved geographic disparities of public perceptions of COVID-19 through social media300
Nakul GuptaUSAICC202308/2023Spatial analysis of city-level weather and investor sentiments to study their impact on stock prices of dual-listed companies | Automating conversion of remote sensing images to human readable map images using generative AI600
Wojciech DawidPOLICC202308/2023Generalization of the digital elevation model for the purposes of military passability maps development600
Zulfa Nuraini AfifahIDNICC202308/2023Diet Map: Participatory Mapping Application for Specific Diets500
Jagadish BoodalaINDICC202308/2023Addressing the unresolved proximity conflicts during the generalization of buildings using CartAGen500
Lucy RobertsUSAICC202308/2023Creating a Global Historic Maritime Trade Model Using a Least-cost Surface Analysis300
Joynal AbedinUSAICC202308/2023Mapping the geographically and temporally evolved flood risks in the contiguous United States600
Chelsea NestelUSAICC202308/2023Mapping Across the Curriculum: Cartographic Theory for K-8 Education300
Lily HoutmanUSAICC202308/2023At the Intersection of Mobile Thematic Cartography and Data Journalism600
Márton PálHUNICC202308/2023Setting standards for cemetery spatial databases – a case study in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Eger, Hungary | Geosite database of the High Gerecse Hills (Hungary): with cartographic and GIS-based methodologies | Preparing the geodiversity map of Hungary in line with the UNESCO SDGs | Using drone photogrammetry for establishing a 3D geosite model application1000
Zihan LiuDEUICC202308/2023The Potential of VGI and Traffic Flow Generation. Model for Solving the Traffic Sensor Location Problem150
Azile MdleleniZAFICC202308/2023The challenge of co-operative governance of addresses and address data in Mankweng and surroundings in Limpopo, South Africa | What moderates the terrain reversal effect in shaded relief maps?900
Zhaoxu SuiUSAICC202308/2023Endonyms or Exonyms: How map purpose, data source, and map language impact place naming on maps300
Miloš BasarićSRBICC202308/2023Automatic Extraction and Placement of Building Point Vector Data from Aerial Imagery for the 1: 25 000 Topographic Map Production300
Gabrielle Silva GardimBRAICC202308/2023Spatial Analysis and Geovisualization of Scoropion Accident in Brazil: its Relation with Climate and Urbanization900
Théo SzantoFRAICC202308/2023Making the Minecraft® on demand project open-source and ex- tensible by the community600
Nuzhat Tabassum NawshinUSAICC202308/2023Design Recommendations for Map-based Storytelling in Augmented Reality: A Preliminary Study150
Yanan WuUSAICC202308/2023Modeling of emergency incident with GPS trajectory data using random forest algorithm300
Alicia Adelle IversonUSAICC202308/2023An introduction to (C)art Therapy: Sketch mapping workshops for early teens as a case study in Post-Representational Cartography600
Edina HajdúHUNICC202308/2023Geosite database of the High Gerecse Hills (Hungary): with cartographic and GIS-based methodologies600
Roya HabibiIRNICC202308/2023Dealing with spatial heterogeneities to discover spatiotemporal event behaviour900
Morteza KarimzadehUSAICC202308/2023Characterizing Spatial Accessibility of COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Sites using Dasymetric Mapping and GIs600
José Pablo Ceballos CantúAUTICC202308/2023Understanding Relevance in Maps through the use of Knowledge Graphs600


Orienteering event

The ICC2023 orienteering event took place on August 12, 2034 at the University of Cape Town.

Map of the short course

Map of the long course

Map of the long course

Map of the long course

Long course – 2.6 km, 80 m elevation, 20 control points
1Dušan PetrovičSlovenia19:53
2Pyry KettunenFinland20:55
3Terje MidtbøNorway27:21
Short course – 2.0 km, 75 m elevation, 17 control points
1Menno-Jan KraakNetherlands25:36
2László ZentaiHungary25:56
3Dmitrii LoginovRussia26:09

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