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Introducing the ICA-OSGeo Lab Network

After discussing with our lab members, I am pleased to inform that we now have the official name and also a short acronym for our network of Open Source geospatial laboratories: ICA-OSGeo Lab Network is the official title of the network and OSGL as the acronym to be used for the url, domain name, etc.

The official full title highlights and brings together two communities – the ICA and the OSGeo (Open Source Geospatial Foundation) – in our common aim to support the establishment of Open Source Geospatial Laboratories and Research Centers across the world for supporting development of open-source geospatial software technologies, training and expertise. We started establishing the network of labs globally with the ICA-OSGeo MoU initiative.

Individual labs (those already established and those in future) are free to select the names they wish. For example, the lab at UNMC is called Open-source Geospatial Research Lab, at NCSU it is OSGeo Research and Education Laboratory (OSGeoREL), it is Open Source Geospatial Lab in Newcastle University, etc. That will also give individual nodes the flexibility to select the name for their lab that they want under a joint lab network umbrella.

We are also working to create a dedicated website and mailing list. In the meantime, visit the OSGeo page on education intiatives for details.

We would like to thank the whole OSGeo and ICA community for the strong support and helping spreading the message of our education initiative.

Best wishes,
Dr Suchith Anand

  • Brent Wood says:

    Is there any reason that the ICA-OSGeo Lab Network and MundoGEO third webinar of the ”Open Geospatial Science & Applications” webinar series on 10th December, which you claim “will be open and free to all” is using Citrix software which precludes any Linux users from participating? IE: only those who use closed source Windows or Apple Macintosh operating systems are able to participate?

    This seems contradictory to the OPen Source goals being espoused.

    30 November 2013 at 8:25 pm
    • Manuela Schmidt

      Manuela Schmidt says:

      Dear Brent,
      Thanks for your comment! We asked Suchith Anand for his feedback. Here is what he wrote:

      First of all, i have zero funding for this webinar initiative. It is fully based on volunteer efforts. I wanted to start the webinar series to help spread the education message esp to those who are new and I came across MundoGeo who are running successful webinars mostly in Latin America and contacted them with request to help run a webinar series for us and they agreed to run it for us for free.

      I will be very happy to use any alternatives which can run on all platforms but will need help from someone to help setup the system and host it us for free. I really hope some volunteers can help us. Please email me if you can help us for setting up our own webinar system. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


      9 December 2013 at 11:50 am

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