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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027

International Journal of Cartography, Issue 9.2, 2023 published

Cover International Journal of CartographyThe new issue of the International Journal of Cartography is now available on the Journal website

The list of papers published is provided below:

  • Editorial – New directions for the state of the art and science in Cartography
    Anthony C. Robinson, Pyry Kettunen, Luciene Delazari and Arzu Çöltekin
  • Potential of eye-tracking for interactive geovisual exploration aided by machine learning (Open Access)
    Merve Keskin & Pyry Kettunen
  • Moving Indoors: A Systematic Literature Review of Locomotion in Virtual Indoor Environments
    Pavel Pospíšil
  • Study about the appropriate number of participants in map user studies
    Vinicius Bergmann Martins, Fabrício Rosa Amorim, Marcio Augusto Reolon Schmidt & Luciene Stamato Delazari
  • Cartography & Geovisual Analytics in Personal Contexts: Designing for the Data Creator (Open Access)
    Jonathan Nelson
  • Eye-tracking in map use, map user and map usability research: what are we looking for? (Open Access)
    David Fairbairn and Jessica Hepburn
  • Missing the City for Buildings? A Critical Review of Pan-Scalar Map Generalization and Design in Contemporary Zoomable Maps
    Maieul Gruget, Guillaume Touya and Ian Muehlenhaus.
  • Using Geovisual Analytics to Enrich Conservation Science: A Review of Interactive Visualization of Wildlife Movement and Environmental Spatial Data Across Ecosystems
    Lindsay Lacey and Jonathan Nelson
  • Minimum Dimensions for Cartographic Symbology – History, Rationale and Relevance in the Digital Age (Open Access)
    Florian Ledermann
  • Incorporating Ideas of Structure and Meaning in Interactive Multi Scale Mapping Environments
    Guillaume Touya, Quentin Potie and William A. Mackaness
  • Cartographic perspectives on spatial and thematic levels of detail in augmented reality: a review of existing approaches
    Niki Anastopoulou, Margarita Kolka, Eleni Tomai, Kostas Cheliotis, Fotis Liarokapis, Katerina Pastra and Marinos Kavouras
  • How we see time — The Evolution and Current State of Visualizations of Temporal Data (Open Access)
    Verena Klasen, Edyta P. Bogucka, Liqiu Meng & Jukka M. Krisp

Also, you may have papers that you might wish to publish in the Journal. We would welcome the submission of appropriate papers.

William Cartwright, Melbourne, Australia
Anne Ruas, Paris, France
Editors, International Journal of Cartography

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