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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027

ICA Map Awards

At the biennial International Cartographic Conferences we organize an International Map Exhibition, where map products originating from ICA member countries are exhibited. An international jury selects the best entries in various categories. Below you can find the winners of the past.


For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC 2023, please check the PDF catalogue.
Maps on panels
  • 1st: Jan Mayen—Quaternary Geological Map, Norway
  • 2nd: The World—Great Discoveries, Great Britain
  • 3rd: Development of Cologne City Centre, Germany
  • Popular vote: Lacquer Land, Mountain and Sea, People's Republic of China
Charts on panels
  • 1st: 3398 Durban, South Africa
  • 2nd: DE46 River Elbe, Belum to Krautsand, Germany
  • 3rd: Thunersee Seekarte, Switzerland
  • Popular vote: Thunersee Seekarte, Switzerland
  • 1st: National Atlas of Korea, Republic of Korea
  • 2nd: De Boeck Atlas, Belgium
  • 3rd: Israeli Online Statistical Atlas, Israel
  • Popular vote: National Atlas of Korea, Republic of Korea
Story Maps
  • 1st: Blue Calico Map: Old Streets of Qingdao, People's Republic of China
  • 2nd: Dante's Inferno, Czech Republic
  • 3rd: As Spoken and Speaking, Czech Republic
  • Popular vote: Dante's Inferno, Czech Republic
Digital Products
  • 1st: Geostatistics Poland, Poland
  • 2nd: GISrael CARTO Database, Israel
  • 3rd: Eduard App, Switzerland
  • Popular vote: Cadastral Map Online, Austria
Educational cartographic products
  • 1st: Map on the Floor, Croatia
  • 2nd: Paper Braille Globe, Republic of Korea
  • 3rd: Interactive map of "Africa", Ukraine
  • Popular vote: Paper Braille Globe, Republic of Korea
Other cartographic products
  • 1st: Maps for Colour Blind and World Braille Map, Republic of Korea
  • 2nd: Woodcarving Terrain Model of Wanzhou Urban Area, People's Republic of China
  • 3rd: MAPshirt, Slovakia
  • Popular vote: Woodcarving Terrain Model of Wanzhou Urban Area, People's Republic of China
The international jury had the following members:
  • Thabisile Rambau
  • Eva Luévano Orta
  • Andrés Arístegui
  • Thomas Schulz
  • Ian Muehlenhaus


For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC 2021, please check the PDF catalogue. The winning entries are listed below; screenshots of them can be found here.
Maps on panels
  • 1st: La Réunion, France
  • 2nd: Regional Map of the Canary Islands, Spain
  • 3rd: Central Tokyo: 10,000 Topographic Map «Central Tokyo» in commemoration of the enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor, Japan
  • Popular vote: ROU-MP1: The Topographic Plan of Aluniș Estate – property of the Bazau Diocese, Romania
Charts on panels
  • 1st: Aeronautical chart, Finland
  • 2nd: Puerto de Santander 4011 INT 1852, Spain
  • 3rd: Fox Islands Thorofare – Stand-in point to Birch Island, United States
  • Popular votes:
    • Augusta Harbour, Italy
    • Hand cut depth model of the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
    • Approach to Cagliari, Italy
  • 1st: The Atlas of Unusual Borders, United Kingdom
  • 2nd: State of Israel - 70 years of Statistics, Historical Statistical Atlas 1948-2018, Israel
  • 3rd: Atlas of the Invisible, United Kingdom
  • Popular vote: National Atlas of Hungary - Society, Hungary
Digital Products
  • 1st: 3D Map Aosta, Italy
  • 2nd: The migrations of the American South, 1790-2010, United States
  • 3rd: Edugeo – Module Minetest/Kidscode for education on natural risk, France
  • Popular vote: Swisstopo Vector Tiles, Switzerland
Educational cartographic products
  • 1st: Thematic Mapping: 101 inspiring ways to visualize empirical data, United States
  • 2nd: Geoexplorer, Spain
  • 3rd: Magnetic Hand-painted Map of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
  • Popular vote: Mini-map of the World 1:100 Mio., Germany
Other cartographic products
  • 1st: Geographical atlas of Belarus for the blind and visually impaired, Poland
  • 2nd: L´Histoire de la Belgique en 100 cartes anciennes, Belgium
  • 3rd: The vividness of cartography – Andermatt and Matterhorn, Switzerland
The international jury had the following members:
  • Margherita Azzari
  • Thomas Schulz
  • Mark Wigley
  • Jesús Reyes
  • Nicola Gabellieri
  • Andrés Arístegui


For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC2019, please check the PDF catalogue. The winning entries are listed below; screenshots of them can be found here.
Atlases1st: National Atlas of Hungary, Hungary
2nd: Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897–2017, Switzerland
3rd: Atlas of Poland's Political Geography, Poland
Digital Products1st: Politics of Remembrance 1945–2015, Austria
2nd: Caydence, United Kingdom
3rd: Water Rhyme in Gusu, People's Republic of China
Educational cartographic products1st: Cartography. USA-Esri
2nd: TouchIt3D Tactile Maps, Czech Republic
3rd: Statistical Maps: Data Elaboration and Presentation, Poland
Other cartographic products1st: Map Data Provision Products, Japan
2nd: Transparent Globes, People's Republic of China
3rd: 3D model of Domnica Cave, Czech Republic
Charts on panels1st: The map of Northern Sea Area, People's Republic of China
2nd: Tokyo Wan, Japan
3rd: Abords et port de I'île Saint-Pierre, France
Maps on panels1st: Fimbulheimen in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, Norway
2nd: Ecological Area Map of the Estuary Wetland of Dagu River, People's Republic of China
3rd: The Melbourne Map, Australia
Public vote Water Rhyme in Gusu, People's Republic of China

The international jury had the following members:

  • Co-chairs: Kenneth Field and Ian Muehlenhaus
  • Temenoujka Bandrova
  • William Cartwright
  • Serena Coetzee
  • Igor Drecki
  • David Fairbairn
  • Georg Gartner
  • Amy Griffin
  • Anja Hopfstock
  • Lorenz Hurni
  • Antoni Moore
  • Dušan Petrovic
  • Hiroshi Une
  • Nonoko Tsukada


The winning entries are listed below; screenshots of them can be found here.
Atlases1st: The National Atlas of Korea, Republic of Korea
2nd: Tactile Atlas of Switzerland, Switzerland
3rd: Grand Topographic Atlas of Catalonia 1:25,000, Institut Cartografic i Geologic de Catalunya
Public vote: Swiss World Atlas 2017 Ed., Switzerland
Digital Products1st: Minecraft® on Demand, France
2nd: Augmented Reality App Swissarena, Switzerland
3rd & Public vote: Atlas of Switzerland Online, Switzerland
Educational cartographic products1st: genderATlas goes school, Austria
2nd: Historical Atlas of Poland for blind and visually impaired, Poland
3rd & Public vote: 3D Relief of Czechia, Czechia
Other cartographic products1st: Psychogeography in the age of the quantified self, Germany
2nd: Canal Full Map Long Scroll, People's Republic of China
3rd: Canton Berne – 3D printed Terrain Model, 1:25,000, Switzerland
Public vote: Canal Full Map Long Scroll, People's Republic of China
Charts on panels1st: Zhenghe Navigational Chart with an Ancient vs. Modern Comparison, People's Republic of China
2nd: Stavanger Harbor with Seaward approaches (chart no. 455), Norway
3rd: IFR Enroute Low Altitude - Alaska L-1, Esri
Public vote: VFR Aeronautical Chart of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia
Maps on panels1st: Relief MASSIF DU MONT BLANC, France
2nd: The Olivine Wilderness, New Zealand
3rd: Jenny Lake Hiking Map, USA
Public vote: Blue and White Dream, People's Republic of China

The international jury had the following members:

  • Kenneth Field (Chair), United Kingdom
  • Margaret Pearce (Organiser), USA
  • Antoni Moore, New Zealand
  • David Fairbairn, United Kingdom
  • Paulo Menezes, Brazil
  • William Cartwright, Australia
  • Lorenz Hurni, Switzerland
  • Dirk Burghardt, Germany
  • Dušan Petrovič, Slovenia
  • Serena Coetzee, South Africa
  • Rosemary Wardley (LOC), USA


For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC 2015, please check the PDF catalogue. The winning entries are listed below – some of them were featured in our Map of the Month section.

Maps on paper1st: 3D Map Longyearbyen and environs, Norway, details
2nd: Panorama Map of Kanto Mountains & Mt. Fuji, Japan
3rd: Occupying São Paulo – An Augmented City Map, Belgium, details
Atlases1st: The Atlas of Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands, Netherlands
2nd: Graphical and Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1914–2014, Switzerland, details
3rd: Atlas of Typical Landform in Western China, People's Republic of China
Digital Products1st: Project Supra: Real-time Heatmaps from Sports Workouts, Finland, details
2nd: OV-Map, Netherlands, details
3rd: BeCarto 14-18, Belgium
Educational cartographic products1st: Enjoy the map – Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic
2nd: The Kakamega-Nandi Forests Puzzli, Germany, details
3rd: Collins First Atlas, United Kingdom
Other cartographic products1st: 3D View of the Beautiful Earth, People's Republic of China
2nd: Belle-Ile: Relief map on demand, France
3rd: Geological Textile, Japan, details
Public vote3D View of the Beautiful Earth, People's Republic of China

The international jury had the following members:

  • Kenneth Field (Chair), United Kingdom
  • Derek Clarke, South Africa
  • Amy Griffin, Australia
  • Anja Hopfstock, Germany
  • Lorenz Hurni, Switzerland
  • Alexander Kent, United Kingdom
  • Takashi Morita, Japan
  • Anthony Robinson, USA
  • Vit Vozenilek, Czeck Republic
  • João Bosco, Brazil (LOC)
  • Luiz Henrique Castiglione, Brazil (LOC)


For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC 2013, please check the PDF catalogue. The winning entries are listed below – some of them were featured in our Map of the Month section.

Maps on paper1st: Over the Edge in 3D: Death in Grand Canyon, United Kingdom, details
2nd: Khumbu Himal, Germany, details
3rd: Tongariro National Park, New Zealand, details
Atlases1st: Atlas De Wit, Belgium
2nd: Circumpolar Health Atlas, Canada, details
3rd: The Chang’E-1 Topographic Atlas of the Moon, People's Republic of China, details
Digital Products1st: Diercke Globus Online, Germany
2nd: Physical Geography of Ukraine. The 8th grade., Ukraine, details
3rd: “Back in time” feature on Géoportail, France, details
Educational cartographic products1st: Jacaranda World History Atlas for the Australian Curriculum, Australia, details
2nd: Collins World Watch, United Kingdom, details
3rd: Paper-craft 3d map Syowa-Shinzan, Japan
Other cartographic products1st: Paper Cut Map, People's Republic of China
2nd: Atlas of the World for the blind and visually impaired, Poland, details
3rd: Smellmap Glasgow, United Kingdom, details
Public voteThe World atlas of mountains higher than 8,000 meters, People's Republic of China
Jury members 2013

Jury members

The international jury had the following members:

  • Corné van Elzakker, Chair (The Netherlands)
  • Kaile Bower (USA)
  • Dirk Burghardt, Local Organizer (Germany)
  • Damien Demaj (Australia)
  • Waldirene Ribeiro (Brazil)
  • Manuela Schmidt (Austria)
  • Babak Shamei (Iran)
  • Yaolin Liu (People's Republic of China)


For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC 2011, please check the PDF catalogue. The winning entries are listed below – some of them were featured in our Map of the Month section.

Topographic maps1st: Bohinj (Julian Alps – Triglav – Krn – Crna Prst), Slovenia, details
2nd: Dolomiti di Brenta, Italy
Maps based on satellite images and Remote Sensing1st: Bhutan, Austria, details
2nd: Antarctic, Norway
Hydrographic or maritime navigation Charts1st: Oslo Havn, Norway, details
2nd: Port de Djibouti, France, details
Maps and plans of towns and urban areas1st: 1:10,000 Street Map (Series SM 10C), Hong Kong, details
2nd: Guide Map of Karaj Municipality Areas, Iran, details
Thematic maps1st: The Beautiful Game: a world of football, United Kingdom, details
2nd: Geological Map of SADC, South Africa
Maps for tourism1st: Panoramic Tourist Map of Resort Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, details
2nd: Hiking routes between Salmi and Oittaa, Finland, details
Others1st: Kii-Kinki 360º Panorama Map, Japan, details
2nd: Carte en Relief d’Afrique, Algeria
Educational cartographic resources1st: South America, Italy, details
2nd: France Physique – Administrative, Ukraine, details
Atlases1st: Landscape Atlas of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic, details
2nd: New Zealand Photo Atlas, Australia, details
Atlases: educational cartographic resources1st: Grosser Kozenn-Atlas, Austria, details
2nd: Jacaranda Atlas, seventh edition, Australia, details
Globes1st: Globe of the Moon, People's Republic of China
Digital products1st: Litto 3D sur l’île de Ré et sur les îles Ėparses, France, details
2nd: Katmai National Park and Preserve, USA, details
Digital products: educational cartographic resources1st: eAtlas of Global Development, United Kingdom, details
2nd: Columbus, school maps, Sweden, details


The winning entries from the ICC 2009 map exhibition are listed below – some of them were featured in our Map of the Month section.

Globes and atlases1st: Earth, Australia, details
2nd: Census Atlas of the United States, USA, details
Hydrographic or maritime navigation charts1st: Den Norske Kyst, Værøy-Lofotodden, Chart no. 70, Norway
2nd: SCAN Littoral des côtes de France, France, details
Digital products (maps and digital images)1st: Geografía Universal Interactiva, Chile, details
1st: Atlas Nacional de España 1986–2008, Spain, details
Maps and plans of towns and urban areas1st: Beijing Olympic Venues, Tourism and Transport Map, People's Republic of China
2nd: Diorama Kyoto (Spring), Japan
Maps based on satellite images and remote sensing1st: Parc National des Virunga 1:200,000, Belgium, details
2nd: Cobertura del Suelo 2005 1:10,000,000, Mexico, Canada, USA
Maps for tourism, orientieering and parks1st: Turistická Mapa – Set of 6 tourist maps, Slovakia
2nd: Red Sea 1:2,000,000, Hungary
Others1st: New School Maps of Greece, Greece, details
2nd: Panamap Manhattan, USA, details
Thematic maps1st: Canadian Circumpolar Map, Canada, details
2nd: Carte Géologique des Pyrénées à 1:400,000, Spain, details
Topographic maps1st: Cordillera Huayhuash (Perú) 1:50,000, Alpenvereinskarte 0/3c, Austria, details
2nd: Carte de Randonnée 4901 Wallis, France, details
Public vote1st: Les cartes portolanes. La representació medieval d’una mar solcada, Spain, details


In total, 27 countries submitted entries for this exhibition. All entries were displayed and lightened in pavilion 69 of the Exhibition Centre. A catalogue was made available to all conference participants. The best products were selected in 9 categories by an international jury with the following members:

  • Corné van Elzakker, Chair (The Netherlands)
  • Vladimir Zhukovsky (Russia)
  • Cynthia Brewer (USA)
  • Takashi Morita (Japan)
  • Haggai Nyapola (Kenya)
  • Philippe DeMaeyer (Belgium)
  • Miljenko Lapaine (Croatia)
Atlases1st: Atlas of Moscow, Russia, “Splendid, up-to-date (data from January 2007!) and very complete multimedia representation of Moscow on paper with 2D and 3D maps, anaglyphs, aerial and other photographs, etc.”
1st: National Atlas of Russia. Vol. 2: Nature, ecology, Russia, “Volume 2 of the extensive 15 volumes National Atlas of Russia. Extremely thorough piece of scientific work in the well-known and famous Russian physical geographical tradition.”
2nd: Atlas of Protected Areas of Iran, Iran, “Bi-lingual (Persian and English) well-designed and well-produced atlas which firmly convinces the users of the need to protect natural areas.”
3rd: Estonian Cruising Guide 2006–2007, Estonia, “Atlas of all (small) harbours for yacht sailors in Estonia. For each harbour there is a set of maps at various scales (hydrographic, harbour settlement and hinterland), oblique aerial photographs and text information.”
Hydrographic/Nautical Charts1st: Central Arctic Basin, Admirality No. 91115, Russia, “Splendid cartographic overview of the Central Arctic Basin with a good colour confrontation.”
2nd: Sankt Anna Archipelago, Sweden, “Very clear and easy-to-read hydrographic map of a complex island area.”
3rd: Korppoo Turku, Finland, “Standard hydrographic map, but with a high standing quality in the representation of a complicated area.”
MultimediaNo winners due to technical problems
Recreation and Orienteering Maps1st: Super bird’s eye view of Asahikawa, Japan, “Very effective annotated virtual reality representation.”
2nd: Cykloatlas Česko, Czech Republic, “User-friendly loose-leaf cycling atlas with all the information required by cyclists, including height profiles and detailed maps and route information.”
3rd: Map and guide of Garajonay National Park, Spain, “Attractive design with a nice representation of the 3rd dimension of the terrain. Deft relief represented with dense contours overlayed by subtle color and texture differences for land cover and land use types. Trails are symbolized with small foot prints in an inviting way that contrasts well with other boundary lines. Label styles are well categorized and slight halos make them readable against detailed park terrain.”
Relief Models and Globes1st: Physical Globe 1:40,000,000, Russia, “Impressive touchable globe, produced by digital means.”
2nd: Relief model of Catalunya, Spain, “Plastic real 3D relief map with indication of height differences of the sea floor as well.”
3rd: Plastická Mapa Beskydy, Czech Republic, “Good example of a well designd and produced plastic relief model.”
Satellite Images / Satellite Image Maps1st: Nighttime Lights of the World, USA, “Very didactic representation with an integration of fires and light.”
2nd: From Tärna to Træna, Norway, “Very attractive and appealing satellite image of an area along the Arctic Circle.”
3rd: Moscow from Kosmos, Russia, “Nice integration of remote sensing image and cartographic map.”
Thematic Maps1st: Carte Géologique harmonisée du département de l’Herault, France, “Well-designed and clear map, with a good colour selection and nice hillshading in the background.”
2nd: Vegetation Map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, South Africa, “Large map at scale 1:250,000. Map editors have managed to select proper colours for the 435 map units to be represented.”
3rd: Map of Dujiangyan Irrigation Area, People's Republic of China, “Map designers have coped very well with the problem of superimposing various map layers (topography, geological strata, irrigation zones). Traces of streams still appear very clearly.”
Topographic Maps1st: Topographic map of Aoraki / Mt Cook Alpine Area, New Zealand, “Appealing colours and map design. Good registration on road features. Impressive detailed contouring.”
2nd: National Topographic Map of Campo de Cartagena, Spain, “Example of a well designed and appealing topographical map, which may easily be used for a variety of purposes. Expert use of light textures. Simplified urban block structure establishes road pattern without overpowering design.”
3rd: Topomapa Základni Mapa CR 1:25,000, Czech Republic, “Well designed and produced modern topographic map of high standing. Trail detail meshes well with subtle topographic rendering. Gray and green color use in urban area symbolization is distinctive.”
Urban Maps / Town Plans1st: Översiktskarta Solna, Sweden, “Beautiful overview map of the town of Solna, obviously based on a user-centered design approach. Well structured use of hues to organize image with brown/ orange/red for urban areas and greens for open areas. The design incorporates detailed hierarchies and shows care in label placement.”
2nd: Irkutsk, Russia, “Modern cartographic representation of the urban area of Irkutsk. The map presents good detail in buildings, and the light colours produce a readable design. Tint bands emphasize boundary locations with an appealing design.”
3rd: Street Directory of Pamplona, Spain, “Well-designed street directory on which measurements can be made easily.”
Other1st: Geographical Atlas of Europe, Vol. I and II, for blind and visually handicapped people, Poland, “Atlas for blind and visually handicapped people that can also be used by sighted people. Modern production techniques. Complete atlas.”
2nd: Urner Hiking and Bikemap Gotthard, Switzerland, “Mixture of a topographic and recreational map with a very good relief representation, as we know from the Swiss.”
3rd: Map of Census Boundaries, USA, “Map showing the solution to the always difficult problem of showing administrative boundaries for areas at varied levels that nest and intersect, while maintaining contrast with the road and shoreline base information.”

The IHO award for the best entry at hydrographic charts exhibition was won by Australia, with the 2nd and 3rd prizes for Japan and the Netherlands.


A total of 1000 maps were selected from the entries (including hydrographical charts) for the international map exhibition. The best products were selected in 8 categories by an international jury with the following members:

  • Joel Morrison, Chair (USA)
  • Cindy Brewer (USA)
  • Takashi Morita (Japan)
  • Kira Shingareva (Russia)
  • Felicia Akinyemi (Nigeria)
  • Peter Joly (IMYA)
  • Christiane Ramos (Brazil)
  • Lucie Friedmannova (Czech Republic)
  • Fernando Aranaz (Spain)
Topographic Maps1st: Topographic Map of Bhutan, The Netherlands, “With this map, our Dutch colleagues have introduced a new generation of topographic mapping. This outstanding map gives a vivid visual impression of the surface of the planet. Using Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, SRTM data, with ERDAS imagine 8.7 for mosaicing and shading, ArcGIS 9 enabled cartographic finishing. The results are outstanding.”
2nd: Map of Macao Special Administrative Region and Adjacent Regions, People's Republic of China
3rd: Topographic Map of the Netherlands, Sheet 17 H Emmen, The Netherlands
Thematic Maps1st: Land Environments of New Zealand, New Zealand, “This poster like map is very visually effective. It uses a collection of maps of different themes and explains how they were combined to provide Land Environments of New Zealand maps.”
2nd: The Population Map, USA
3rd: Sumatra Earthquake, Japan
Satellite Image Maps1st: Dovrefjell Mountain as seen from Satellite, Norway, “The geometrically corrected satellite image is draped over a DTM and results in a vivid presentation of this mountainous area. The linear features are well depicted and the color choice is outstanding.”
2nd: Overview blockmap sheet for the Land Parcel Identification System LPIS Tokaj and vicinity, Hungary
3rd: Satellitenbildkarte Galle, Austria
Relief1st: Sierra Nevada Las Alpujarras, Spain, “An impressive combination of hue and shading with physical form that show terrain while text remains easy to read on three dimensional plastic.”
Only one award was given in this category due to the small number of entries.
Recreation and Orienteering Maps1st: Fife Coastal Path, UK, “This is a complete map guide. All the essential information for walkers is presented in an easy to read and carry format on compact waterproof paper in full color.”
2nd: Monte Bianco excursion map, Italy
3rd: ANWB=VVV Topographic bicycle map Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
Globes and Atlases1st: Urbes Finlandiae, The Historical Atlas of Finnish Towns, Finland, “This atlas shows the development of Finnish towns using two to five maps each. The layout is outstanding and the accompanying text clearly explains the development of each town.”
2nd: Maps of Europe 1520 to 2001, Hungary
3rd: Geographical Atlas of Poland, Poland
Urban Maps1st: City of Toronto Building Construction Data, Canada, “This map is a snapshot of growth trends in the city using yearly building information from assessment data. It has high legibility of the phenomena with brilliant color, simple design of map symbols, and appropriate map scale.”
2nd: Wroclaw plus 8. City Map, Poland
3rd: Town Map Series Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Other1st: Drawing Book of Siberia, compiled by Simon Remezov in the year 1701, Russia, “This is a very interesting collection of drawings prepared originally on the order of Peter the Great. Great care has been exercised in reproducing each of the drawings. It is a superbly rendered compilation. A companion volume of text is part of this entry.”
2nd: Model of Continental Drift, Chile
3rd: South Up Finger Map, Japan


The jury reviewed 825 maps and atlases, including 37 multimedia items, to pick what they thought were the best in the various categories. The cartographic materials were produced over the past two years, since the previous conference held in Beijing, China, in 2001. The number of maps submitted by countries ranged from two from Portugal to 84 from Russia with Spain and the United Kingdom close behind with 82 each. The only other countries exhibiting more than 40 maps were Poland (46) and the United States (58). In addition to the jury vote there was also a public vote. The international jury consisted of:

  • William Cartwright, Chair (Australia)
  • Magda Roos, Secretary (South Africa)
  • Anne Hegner (Sweden)
  • Cindy Brewer (USA)
  • Kira Shingareva (Russia)
  • Takashi Morita (Japan)
  • Chris Board (UK)
  • Li Li (People's Republic of China)
AtlasesJury: Atlas of Prague – integrated city transport, Czech Republic
Public: Atlas of the contemporary history of China People's Republic of China
MultimediaJury: Atlas of Oregon, USA
Jury+Public: Atlas of Switzerland – interactive 2, Switzerland
Parks and RecreationJury: Cycle map Usedom/Wollin, Germany
Public: Alps without frontiers no. 16 “Petit St. Bernard/Mont-Blanc”, Switzerland
Relief ModelsJury+Public: Relief map of Iberian Peninsula, Balearics and Canarys Islands, Spain
Jury: True 3D Map of Granatspitz Massif, Salzburg Alps, Austria, Germany
Satellite Image MapsJury: Satellite Image of Australia – Landsat 7, Australia
Public: Nighttime lights of the World 1994–1995, USA
Scientific MapsJury: International Metallogenic Map of Africa, France
Public: European-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Map, Spain
Topographic MapsJury: County map of Rogaland, Norway
Jury: Map of the Autonomous region of Valencia, Spain
Jury+Public: Guide map of Sierra Nevada – “Las Alpujarras”, Spain
Urban MapsJury: Urban Topographic Cartography, Spain
Public: Berlin, People's Republic of China
Tactile MapsJury: Tactile map of Ljubljana city, Slovenia
OtherJury: Map of Russia, Russia


The international jury consisted of:

  • Li Li
  • Ferjan Ormeling
  • Fan Yi
  • Vladimir Tikunov
  • Sjef van der Steen
  • Alexander Wolodtschenko
  • Fan Jingsheng
  • Timothy Trainor
  • Ron Furness
  • Eva K.-Blum
  • Menno-Jan Kraak
Topographic mapsSheet 15, Antwerpen, of the new digitally produced topographic map series 1:50,000 of Belgium, NGI, Belgium
Nautical charts and bathymetric mapsBathymetry of Lake Ontario, NOAA, USA
Geological mapsGeological map of Russia and adjacent areas, Russia
Urban mapsTop Swiss Erlebniskarte St. Moritz, Switzerland
Satellite Image MapsLandscape map of the Karkonosze National Park, Poland
Recreation and orienteering mapsMapa Excursionista Gavarnie-Ordesa, Spain
AtlasesThe National Physical Atlas of China, People's Republic of China
GlobesIlluminated Political Globe (in Chinese and English-language versions), People's Republic of China
OtherNational Geographic “Millennium in maps” map supplements (esp. Biodiversity), USA

IHO Map Exhibition Award: The Jury of the IHO map exhibition award consisted of Radm Giuseppe Angrisano (IHB President,Chairman), Ron Furness (Chairman of the ICA Commission on Marine Cartography), Harold Moellering (Chairman of the ICA Commission on Spatial Data Standards), Wang Jinfu (Depity-Director of the Maritime Safety Administration of China) and Michel Huet (IHB Professional Assistant for Cartography). The winner was the Maritime Safety Administration, China.


Topographic MapsAlta Ribagorça-05. Mapa comarcal de Catalunya 1:50,000, Spain
Grande Comore. Pays et villes du monde. 1:50,000, France
New World Edition: Vorder Asien 1:2,000,000, Germany
Thematic MapsHistorical Atlas of Canada, Canada
Bedrock Geology of the Bunger Hills-Denman Glacier Region, Australia
Image MapsCiudad de Buenos Aires. Carta de imagen satelitaria de la República Argentina 1:250,000, Argentina
Nautical Charts and Marine Maps Japan


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