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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027

Map of the Month 8/2012: Bohinj

At the 25th International Cartography Conference in Paris, France, the map “Bohinj (Julian Alps - Triglav - Krn - Crna prst)” won the first jury’s prize in the category Topographic Maps. The jury stated:

Bilingual map with a legible and clear design.

Publisher’s Description: Hiking maps have been produced at the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia for about 50 years. The renowned Sidarta publishing company engaged the Institute for the production of a new series of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 hiking maps.

The mapped Bohinj region is a part of the Julian Alps in Slovenia with a beautiful lake surrounded by high mountains, including Triglav (2864m), the highest peak of Slovenia. The distinct qualities of the map are fine grey hill shading with a bluish tint, the grey contour lines and rock hatchings which assure better readability of the map, the modern fonts and the ski touring line drawings which make the map useful also in the winter time, when upper parts of Bohinj can have more than 3m of snow. The back of the map is filled with hand drawn artistic illustrations of panoramic views of the paths and mountain huts. The front map cover has an eye catching design in vivid colours.

This is the third ICA award for the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia after the award winning Maribor town plan in 1999 (ICC Ottawa) and the Ljubljana tactile mobile map in 2003 (ICC Durban).

  • Map type: Topographic map for mountaineering and hiking
  • Material: Paper, print on both sides
  • Scale: 1:25,000
  • Size: 1210 x 870 mm
  • Cartographic editing and production: Geodetic Institute of Slovenia
  • Design: Sidarta, Geodetic Institute of Slovenia
  • Publisher: Sidarta
  • Edition: 2010
  • Languages: Slovenian, English
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