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Map of the Month 11/2015: 3D Map Longyearbyen and environs

At the 27th International Cartography Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the cartographic product “3D Map Longyearbyen and environs” won the first jury prize in the category paper maps. The jury stated:

A large format oblique view which represents the terrain in an attractive style. The detail invites you to explore. Artistic cartography at its best.

Publisher’s Description: This bird's eye view map depicts the environs of the settlement of Longyearbyen in the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, 1300 km south of the North Pole. Brief technical information: Production software: SAGA GIS, QGIS, ArcGIS and Photoshop; Utilized a parallel projection, meaning no perspective effects, but all features in the map become comparable in size; No vertical exaggeration; A continuous elevation color scale applied for 3D effect and to make features more distinguishable from their surroundings; Regular hillshade created from two light sources rather than one, to get more terrain details; Hint of blue (cold) and yellow (warm) in shaded/highlighted areas to increase 3D effect and for realism; Cast shadows to enhance terrain details and for realism; Data from infrared band of aerial imagery used to hint about the sparse vegetation cover; Extracted sedimentation flows at river outlets from Landsat 8 imagery, and created a sea surface texture.

  • Material: paper
  • Scale: varying
  • Dimensions: 2000 mm x 720 mm
  • Author: Anders Skoglund
  • Publisher: Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Date published: 3/2015
  • Language: Norwegian, English
More information:

  • Paul Cannon says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have been drawing a fictional freehand map of a city for almost twenty years and I want to show it off and not keep it hidden away as I am very proud of it. Would you be able to give me any ideas, tips, contacts for showcasing it at an event or exhibition or book or anything? I don’t have a website as I am not very technical but I want the outside World to see what I can do.
    With kind regards,

    Paul Cannon

    12 June 2016 at 11:44 am

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