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eCARTO News June 2020

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Featured – Nikita Slavin– Cartography M. Sc. Project

Cartographers & Explorers

Cartographic Applications

Maps Historically Speaking

Cartographic Industry News

  • Mapillary Team Joins Facebook to Aid Its Open Mapping Efforts – adweek.com
  • Global GIS Mapping Software Market Projected to Reach USD XX.XX billion by 2025 – medicinsider.com
  • 3D Mapping and 3D Modelling Market – 3wnews.org
  • Cloud-Based Mapping Service Market 2020 – medicinsider.com

White Spaces Cartography

  • This map shows where on Earth humans aren’t – nationalgeographic.com
  • Carte generale de la terre : appliquée a l’astronomie pour l’etude de la géographie terrestre et celeste – loc.gov
  • Mapping Earth’s deepest secrets – science.sciencemag.org
  • Interactive maps let Kiwis explore New Zealand’s lost continent of Zealandia – newshub.co.nz
  • Breathtaking new map of the X-ray Universe – bbc.com

Cartography Unleashed

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Blue Cartography

Cartometry and Topology

Measurement and Monitoring

Related Technologies and Apps

  • Microdrones Enters the Third Dimension with New Mapping and LiDAR Surveying Equipment – uasweekly.com
  • The Evolution of Accurate Drone Mapping – suasnews.com
  • Revamped Maps app will be expanding to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada – macrumors.com
  • Large-scale early Maya sites in Mexico revealed by lidar mapping technology – nature.com


Selection of a theme for the Barbara Petchenik Competitions 2021 & 2023

Every four years, the ICA Commission on Cartography and Children is responsible for the selection of a theme for the next two Barbara Petchenik Competitions. In 2016, the decision was practically automatic: we opted for supporting the International Map Year using the motto “We love maps” in the competitions organized in 2017 and 2019.

This year the commission decided to organize a voting process to select a new theme. First, members and colleagues were asked to propose themes for the competitions. In almost three weeks, 69 proposals arrived from 17 countries. An online voting slip was created with Google Forms and all the commission members, colleagues from other ICA commissions and interested people in general participated in the voting process from May 15 to June 15, 2020. The voting process was announced not only by e-mail for all the ICA commissions, but also on the Facebook profile of the commission to ensure a wider participation. In four weeks, 132 colleagues gave their votes to max. five themes. The theme that finished in the first place was “A map of my future world” with 41 votes. This is one of the themes submitted by Liqiu Meng, current ICA Vice-president, from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Consequently, “The map of my future world” will be the theme for the next two competitions in 2021 and 2023.

The second place was occupied by “Mapping for Hope” (submitted by Alexander Kent, UK) with 29 votes and the third place by “The changing world” and “With a map I can…!” (sent by Giedré Beconyté, from Lithuania and the Argentine Center of Cartography respectively) with 26 votes.

The next step will be to officially open the Barbara Petchenik Competition 2021, sending the Call for the competition and other documents next September.

The Commission on Cartography and Children would like to express our deepest thanks to all the colleagues who submitted themes and to all who voted in the last four weeks.

José Jesús Reyes Nuñez
Commission on Cartography and Children, Vice-Chair

eCARTO News May 2020

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Just Maps & Atlases

  • Mapa del Humbre de 2019 – wfp.org
  • An atlas fit for a Tudor queen – bl.uk
  • Lose Yourself in a Mesmerizing, Meticulous Map of the Met – alasoscura.com
  • 5,000 rare and unique maps are now available online – phys.org

Cartographers & Navigators

Citizen Cartography

  • How to Make an Illustrated Map in 8 Steps – nytimes.com
  • Travis Elborough: Maps for the mind during lockdown – hackneycitizen.co.uk
  • Curious City: In, Out, Above, Beyond Saint Paul – issuu.com
  • The M.T.A. vs. a D.I.Y. Cartographer – newyorker.com
  • Art Challenge: Readers Show Us How They Map Their Worlds – atlasobscura.com
  • Putting women on the map: Feminist cartographers are filling in urban design data gaps – scroll.in
  • During Lockdown, Google Maps Gives My Son a Way Out – wired.com
  • Young Kazakh entrepreneurs talk about their innovative projects – kazakh-tv.kz
  • What your Strava maps says about you – runningmagazine.ca

Maps Relating to Regions

Cartographic Industry News

  • Novum Intel – a new voice for Africa’s geospatial and location intelligence industry – novumintel.com
  • Google highlights accessible locations with new Maps feature – techcrunch.com
  • Navenio raises $11 million to bring indoor mapping and localization to hospitals – venturebeat.com
  • Aerial Mapping Firm Nearmap Expands Offerings for AEC – enr.com
  • HERE Technologies Moves Its XYZ Mapping Platform to General Availability – programmableweb.com
  • Introducing Crew, An Exciting New Propeller Platform Add-on That Brings Interactive Maps Into The Field – suasnews.com

Themed Cartography

Cartographic of Distant Locations

  • Antarctica: A brief history in maps, part 1 – bl.uk
  • Project aims to create first 4-D maps of Earth’s mantle – phys.org

Cartography Sources & Resources

Pictorial Cartography

Cartography and the Internet

Cartographic Representation of Motion

Cartographic Technologies and Apps

  • Mapping dry wildfire fuels with AI and new satellite data – phys.org
  • Five of the best online mapping apps – theguardian.com
  • VIDEO: C-MAP Reveal – fishingworld.com.au
  • Mapping Drones: The Remo-M is the Award Winning, Sophisticated Solution You’ve Never Heard Of (Yet) – dronelife.com


  • Inuit Place-Names Map Series of Nunavik – nunatop.com

Cartographic “What ifs”

The voting process to select a theme for the Barbara Pechetnik Competitions 2021 & 2023 started

The ICA Commission on Cartography and Children invites all of you to participate in the voting process to select a theme for the Barbara Petchenik Competitions in 2021 and 2023. Colleagues and institutions of 17 countries proposed sixty-nine (69) themes during the last weeks. An online voting slip was created using Google Forms, which you can access on the following address:


The submitted themes are listed in the same order in which they were sent for us. Please, give your vote to max. 5 themes and vote only once. The deadline for sending your votes is June 15, 2020. After finishing the voting process we will make public the selected theme with the results of the vote.

Feel you free to contact us on the following e-mail address if you have any question or doubt: jesusreyes@caesar.elte.hu

Thank you so much for your contribution!

ICA President’s Blog #2 by Tim Trainor

Dear ICA Colleagues,

I hope that everyone is healthy and safe during these continuing times of uncertainty and viral attacks on our well-being. Many of you are working tirelessly to help in managing the pandemic while others are working toward meaningful observations and data collection and synthesis. Still others are making maps on a variety of topics to help leaders, decision-makers and health providers in their daily challenges to arrest and control this deadly virus and its impacts.

There are more unknowns than knowns. Each day brings revelations while we observe the continued spread with little confidence of safety beyond burrowing in our living quarters or cautiously escaping out into spaces with variable public interactions. We face risk each day and we long for a sense of security for ourselves and our families.

What can we do as a cartographic community to help in responding to this frustrating situation? As we do our work, we are experiencing challenges that defy our efforts to provide what we think is needed to help. The absence of specific data at the needed level of resolution may be one example. Accurate data reflecting the necessary time-stamp might be another. Having effective data at helpful geographic areas to make decisions and manage impacts could be another challenge. We know from health experts that to be safer in our current circumstances there is a need to test, trace and isolate new cases until a vaccine is developed and administered to everyone. In order to accomplish these tasks, what data is needed and at what levels of geography?

We, as cartographers, can contribute to the demands for data and visualization aids during this crisis. Last week I participated in a global virtual meeting of the UN expert group on the integration of statistical and geospatial information. This group was formed collaboratively by the UN Statistical Commission and the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management. The current efforts by this expert group could not be more timely. Tasks associated with challenges in integrating statistical and geospatial information include geocoding, common geographies, interoperability, privacy and confidentiality, and capacity building.

Each one of these topics is an issue of the day as we fight our way through the pandemic battle.

No one person has the perfect solution, but together, as we share information, ideas, experiences, failures and successes, we can take the best approaches as they apply to our circumstances by developing tools, techniques, methodologies, data, and technical solutions that will contribute to arresting the impacts of this virus. This is a call for sharing in a pandemic era.

Let’s use the tools available to us such as articles in the ICA News and eCARTO News, submission of research work in cartography and GIScience to the International Journal of Cartography, updates through social media like Facebook, and engagements with colleagues using the virtual tools that make our connections possible.

Be well and stay safe.

– Tim Trainor
President of the International Cartographic Association

eCARTO News April 2020

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Just Maps

Women in Cartography

Other Cartographers

Cartographic Products

Cartographic Inquiry

  • When examining maps, understand their strengths and limitations – newsbreak.com
  • What are star charts? – space.com
  • Understanding Digital Technology and Fourth Industrial Revolution – lankaweb.com
  • Big Data and Urbanism: How to Organize Information for Optimal Application – archdaily.com
  • 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Peters Map Projection – Green Garage – newslagoon.com

Cartographic Industry News

  • Lonely Planet: The Publisher That Shrank The World Is Now Itself Shrinking – independent.co.uk

Cartography related items


  • “Maps and Messages: Deconstructing Persuasive Cartography” –
  • “Indigenous and European Visualizations of the North West Passage” – youtu.be
  • 17 Fascinating World Map Oddities – Map Society of Wisconsin Lecture – youtube.com
  • Utah Public Radio. – upr.org
  • The British Library also has a map podcast. – bl.uk

Cartographic Reads

  • Out of Vietnam, Drawings of Displacement and Repression – hyperallergic.com
  • Terra Incognita by Jamie Kirkpatrick – talbotspy.org
  • Why old-fashioned paper maps are better than Google Maps – traveller.com.au
  • Times, FT and WaPo discover ‘real appetite’ for data-driven visual journalism on coronavirus – pressgazette.co.uk
  • How GIS Maps Go Viral – imiamaps.org
  • Why we explored two starkly different futures for the Earth in 50 years – nationalgeographic.com
  • Mapping the Future: Cartography Stages a Comeback – www.wired.com
  • How shipwreck hunter’s search for a sunken galleon and lost engraved stone could rewrite Australian history by proving the Spanish landed more than a CENTURY before Captain Cook – dailymail.co.uk
  • Excerpt: A Pirate’s pilfered atlas – nationalgeographic.com

Cartography Books & Resources

Cartography and Movies

Cartography – Quirky

Online Map Jigsaw

News about the Barbara Petchenik Competition

Music video with maps submitted to previous competitions

Some days ago a Spanish ethnomusicologist, pedagogue and composer, Polo Vallejo (Pedagogy Professor in the Superior School of Music Reina Sofía, Madrid) asked for permission to use some of the map drawings made by children for the Barbara Petchenik competition in a short music video. His idea was to accompany maps made by children with a children xylophone piece of Carl Orff (German composer). Permission was given and the video is now available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsetAhhMSNE

The video is used as a greeting card directed to music associations all over the world.

The ICA Commission on Cartography and Children would like to thank Polo Vallejo for this lovely pre-Easter gift!

Selecting a new theme for the next competitions

Next September the International Cartographic Association (ICA), represented by the Commission on Cartography and Children plans to announce the Barbara Petchenik Competition 2021. In 2016 we decided to support the International Map Year using “We love maps” as theme for the competitions in 2017 and 2019. Now it is time to select a new theme for the competitions to be held in 2021 and 2023. We asked by e-mail all the members and supporters of ICA Commissions, all the representatives of ICA member nations, all the representatives and members of sister organizations and all colleagues in general to propose themes for the next two competitions. The organizers of the competition are open to any theme that can be represented by children on their maps. As help, here we list some of the themes selected for previous competitions: “Save the Earth”, “Many nations, one world”, “Living in a globalized world” and “My place in today’s world”.

We would ask colleagues to send their proposals to the jesusreyes@caesar.elte.hu e-mail address at latest on May 15. After the deadline, the commission is going to organize a voting process on the web, asking colleagues to vote their preferred themes and according to the number of votes, we select only one theme for the Barbara Petchenik Competitions in 2021 and 2023.

If you wish to have more detailed information about the Barbara Petchenik Competition, please visit the sites: https://icaci.org/petchenik/, https://childrensmaps.library.carleton.ca/ or http://lazarus.elte.hu/ccc/2019icc/bpcrules2019.pdf


José Jesús Reyes Nunez
Commission on Cartography and Children, Vice-Chair

eCARTO News March 2020

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Featured Articles

Mapping – past, present and future

  • British Library Puts Rare Historical Globes Online – finebooksmagazine.com
  • ‘The perfect combination of art and science’: mourning the end of paper maps – theguardian.com
  • Maps show drastic drop in China’s air pollution – theverge.com
  • Paris falls silent: Sound maps show impact of confinement – apnews.com
  • ‘Ultimate gift to future generations’: plan to laser all land on Earth – theguardian.com

Cartographic Applications

  • Mapping Martian Dunes from Orbit – eos.org
  • Mondelēz meets target to map 100% of its farms registered with Cocoa Life in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Indonesia, new report claims – confectionerynews.com
  • Free AI Mapping Tool Helps Healthcare Systems Identify High-Risk COVID-19 Communities – healthleadersmedia.coms
  • Live Earthquake Mapping for Everyone – esri.com
  • National parks mapping to aid forest recovery from bushfires in NSW – newcastleherald.com.au
  • This Interactive Map Visualizes the Queer Geography of 20th-Century America – smithsonianmag.com
  • Colombia is using an app to return land to people displaced by war – qz.com
  • Science voyage to end in Perth after mapping 100,000 km2 of seafloor – miragenews.com
  • Dozens of unmarked graves in Kingscote cemetery revealed by radar mapping – theislanderonline.com.au
  • Edinburgh University researchers use drones to map retreating Andes glaciers – bbc.com
  • iOS UgCS for DJI app (beta) – suasnews.com

Drone Cartography

  • Dark, Dirty and Dangerous: This Drone Can Map Pipes and Underground Tunnels from Above – dronelife.com
  • 3D drone mapping and litigation surveys – sunnewsonline.com
  • Canadian firm explores Finnish gold mine via autonomous drones – roboticsbusinessreview.com
  • The Drone Boat of ‘Shipwreck Alley’ – theverge.com
  • Edinburgh University researchers use drones to map retreating Andes glaciers – bbc.com
  • Top Experts Analysis Report On Global UAV Mapping Software Market With Market Regional Outlook, Analysis, Growth Forecast Analysis by Manufacturers, Type and Application to 2025 – thefourpointplay.blog

Stellar Cartographic

Cartographic Secrets

  • For Decades, Cartographers Have Been Hiding Covert Illustrations Inside of Switzerland’s Official Maps – eyeondesign.aiga.org
  • Smartphone data reveal which Americans are social distancing (and not) – washingtonpost.com

Mapping Indoors

  • This is what iPad Pro’s LiDAR Scanner sees when it’s mapping your home – imore.com

Cartographic Industry News

Cartographic Tutorials, Resources & Opportunities

  • Supervisory Interdisciplinary Cartographer/Geographer, GS-1370/0150-12 (MP-DP) Job in Lakewood, Colorado – Department of the Interior – lemonwire.com
  • Invest in rare maps and find the path to profit – thetimes.co.uk
  • Mapping in GIS – youtube.com

Cartography as Art

Passing the Time – Cartography Quizzes (websites not tested by editor!)

Passing the Time – Cartography Videos

ICA President’s Blog #1 by Tim Trainor

Dear ICA Colleagues,

I hope that everyone is well and that you are in a safe situation as we experience the reality of the Coronavirus Pandemic. With each day, we see changes in our local circumstances that require us to adjust our daily lives accordingly. For some, they have weathered a difficult time and are seeing some relief from periods of self-quarantining. For others on the other end of the virus spectrum, they may be seeing the first signs of exposure. This could take longer than we prefer as there is much to learn about the effects of the virus, how it can be best treated, and how it can be prevented in the future.

The ICA, like other organizations, has been impacted. Planned events for regional cartographic conferences and ICA Commission workshops and meetings have had to postpone or cancel plans in order to reduce physical contact. While unfortunate, this is a needed response as we observe the situation worsening in some areas.

Like you, I look to maps to help in understanding the impact of the virus on our communities. This is a time for each of us to reflect, as cartographers, what else we could do to have a positive impact on knowledge, understanding, prevention, and resolution of the virus. As scientists explore the cause, effect, and resolution, we stand ready to help communicate their findings through maps and mapping. Let’s share our expertise.

Take care and be safe!

– Tim Trainor
President of the International Cartographic Association

AutoCarto 2020 postponed to November

In light of the important public health considerations related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the AutoCarto Organizing Committee has decided to postpone AutoCarto 2020 until November 2020. The new dates for the conference are Tuesday, November 18, through Friday, November 20, with workshops on Tuesday, November 17. The venue will remain the same – the Esri campus in Redlands, California.

We are still working out the details related to registrations and paper submissions. Please bear with us while we determine the best way to handle these and other important issues. In the meantime, please modify any arrangements you may have made to travel to California in May.

If you have any specific issues or concerns, please email the conference chair, Aileen Buckley (abuckley@esri.com). We appreciate your patience as we continue to make arrangements for these new dates for AutoCarto 2020.

Dr. Aileen Buckley, PhD
AutoCarto Conference Chair

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