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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationView our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Honorary Fellowship for Timothy Trainor

Timothy Trainor receiving the ICA Honorary FellowshipTimothy Trainor receiving the ICA Honorary FellowshipDuring ICC 2017, Timothy Trainor received the ICA Honorary Fellowship. Below you can read Laszlo Zentai‘s laudation:

Mr. Trainor began his ICA experience in 1987 as an active member of the Commission on National and Regional Atlases and has participated in the meetings, seminars, and workshops of the Commission. In 1995, he was selected as the Chair of the Commission and completed his term in 2007 in Moscow.

In 2007, Mr. Trainor proposed and became Chair of the ICA Census Cartography Working Group.

He also completed two terms as Vice President of the ICA in 2015. Since his term as Vice President ended, Mr. Trainor has continued to serve the ICA as a member of the Statutes and By-Laws Committee. In preparation for the 2015 ICC and General Assembly, Mr. Trainor encouraged the U.S. National Committee for the ICA to prepare a bid to host the conference in the United States. He has been an active participant of the Local Organizing Committee.

Timothy Trainor is the Chief of the Geography Division of the U.S. Census Bureau. As the Census Bureau’s chief geographer, he is responsible for directing all aspects of the division’s work related to development and implementation of geographic and cartographic activities for the United States and its territories.

He actively represented the ICA with the United Nations. Currently, Mr. Trainor represents the ICA by participating on the United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management. He was elected for the co-chair of the UN GGIM Bureau in 2016.

Mr. Trainor is a member of the Geography Commission of the United States National Section of the Pan American Institute for Geography and History. He has also cultivated a close collaboration with the International Geographical Union leadership which has helped to strengthen collaboration between the two associations.

Honorary Fellowship for Anne Ruas

Anne Ruas receiving the ICA Honorary FellowshipAnne Ruas receiving the ICA Honorary FellowshipDuring ICC 2017, Anne Ruas received the ICA Honorary Fellowship. Below you can read Menno-Jan Kraak‘s laudation:

Dear Ann,

It is a great pleasure to address you for this occasion to hand you the ICA Honorary Fellowship. This award is for cartographers of international reputation who have made special contribution to the ICA.

You fit this category well because during a long ICA career you have been active as Co-chair of the Commission on Generalization and Multiple representation (2003–2007), as Vice-President (2007–2015), but also you have been President of ICC 2011, Paris. And you are still committed to ICA because currently you are one of the two Editors of our International Journal of Cartography (2015–).

But what many people do not know is that you have other talents too. You are a good football player. I remember we both played in the red-team during a legendary ICA Commission match in Leicester many years ago.

Ann, I congratulate you with this honor and would like to hand you the medal and certificate now.

eCARTO News July 2017

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Just Maps

ICA Facebook Posts


Representations of Place


  • Finding the Date on a Map Image – nytimes.com
  • When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Share Your Location Using a Smartphone – nytimes.com
  • Google Earth’s New Voyager Tool Aims to Feed Our Wanderlust – nytimes.com
  • Snapchat Launches ‘Snap Map’ So You Can Track Your Mates On A Map – huffingtonpost.com.au

Cartographic Resources


  • International Cartographic Conference much more than just cartography – gpsworld.com
  • Print Maps Give you the Big Picture-There’s Nothing like It Online – imiamaps.org
  • Geology, biology agree on Pangaea supercontinent breakup dates – sciencedaily.com
  • The battle for territory in digital cartography – economist.com
  • Slovakia fines media firms for mentioning Britain, rather the UK, during Brexit – bbc.co.uk
  • Angola: IGCA to License Cartography Companies – allafrica.com/
  • Collector analyses depiction of Holy Land under Ottomans by cartographers, travellers – .jordantimes.com
  • How Looking Back Will Help Us Predict And Prepare For The Future – lifehacker.com.au
  • The Lost Art of Natural Navigation – radiowest.kuer.org


  • Who needs GPS and Google? Minneapolis map publisher is ‘master of cartography’ – startribune.com
  • Persuasive cartography: an interview with map collector PJ Mode – artstor.wordpress.com
  • The Regchats to Ordnance Survey’s chief data wrangler – theregister.co.uk
  • iRobot’s CEO defends Roomba home mapping as privacy concerns arise – techcrunch.com
  • Google Maps pioneers explain what’s next, with predictive mapping in real time – afr.com
  • New York Today: Color Coding the Subway – nytimes.com
  • Anna Beek and the War of the Spanish Succession – blogs.loc.gov
  • Capucine Gros Exhibits ‘Implicit Borders: A Cartography of Free Will’ – wwd.com
  • Transplants: Highlighter cartography – dailyprogress.com
  • 2017 Alexander Dalrymple Award for Adam Greenland – hydro-international.com
  • Meet the scientist who made the beautiful maps for The Lands of Ice and Fire – winteriscoming.net

Industry News

  • Mapdiva releases Ortelius 2 – Pro Map Design Software for the Mac – prmac.com
  • Electronic Cartography System Market Growth, Trends And Demands Market Report 2022 – equityinsider.org
  • INTERGEO – bridge to a digital future – gisuser.com
  • Electronic Cartography System Market Key Players, Product and Production Information analysis and forecast to 2022 – military-technologies.net


Survey Assistance requested by Erin Koletsis, PhD student at RMIT University, Melbourne / University of Twente, Enschede

“The focus of Erin’s research is map literacy, and identifying the challenges map users experience when undertaking route planning, navigation and wayfinding activities. The overall aim is to develop guidelines on how maps should be designed to mitigate the challenges identified.” Erin requires your assistance in developing a global baseline of map literacy, by completing the Santa Barbara Sense of Direction Scale (SBSODS). The survey consists of three (non-identifiable) questions about your background, and the fifteen SBSODS statements. The survey will take no longer than five minutes to complete. As this is intended to be a global study, any individual above 18 years of age can participate. Therefore, if you could please pass the link to the survey on to anyone you think would be happy to complete it, it would be greatly appreciated. – surveymonkey.com/r/7HQKZC7

ICA Awards Ceremony at ICC2017

In the ICA Awards Ceremony at ICC2017, the following awards were presented in recognition of contributions to the ICA:

ICA Awardees 2017

From left to right: Igor Drecki, Cynthia Brewer, Timothy Trainor, Menno-Jan Kraak, Anne Ruas, William Cartwright, Matthew Rice, Aileen Buckley

ICA Honorary Fellowship

The ICA Honorary Fellowship is for cartographers of international reputation who have made special contribution to the ICA. It includes a bronze medal.

  • William Cartwright, Australia
  • Anne Ruas, France
    • Co-chair of the Commission on Generalization and Multiple Representation (2003–2007)
    • Vice-President (2007–2015)
    • President of ICC 2011, Paris
    • Editor of the International Journal of Cartography (2015–)
  • Timothy Trainor, USA
    • Chair or Co-chair of the Commission on National and Regional Atlases (1995–2007)
    • Chair of Census Cartography Working Group (2007–2011)
    • Vice-President (2007–2015)

Diplomas for outstanding services to ICA

The Diplomas for outstanding services to ICA are for colleagues who have made special contribution to the ICA as commission officers or conference organizers.

  • Igor Drecki, New Zealand
  • Aileen R. Buckley, USA
    • ICC2017 Organizing Committee member
  • Cynthia A. Brewer, USA
    • ICC2017 Organizing Committee member
  • Matthew Rice, USA
    • ICC2017 Organizing Committee member

Overview of ICA Awards presented at ICC2015

Congratulations to all awardees!

Updates by the Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital

First announcement of the 13th Conference on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage

The 2018 edition of the Conference on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage – an event annually organized by the ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital – will be held in Madrid, 18–20 April 2018 and kindly hosted by the National Geographical Institute of Spain. Details will follow.


The new issue of e-Perimetron is now available at e-perimetron.org. It contains the following papers:

  • T. Čelkis, V. Karpova-Čelkienė (Vilnius) Reading signs: manuscript cartography sources of the 16th-19th century from the Vilnius University Library
  • G. Mihalakopoulos (Corfu) Alexandros Massavetas’s “Going back to Constantinople-Istanbul: A City of Absences”: mapping the past and the present through literature
  • Ch. J. J. Thiry (Golden CO) GIS-based discovery interface to paper map sets
  • K. Kozica (Warsaw) Different states of the sea chart of the Gulf of Riga by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer (1534-1606) from his first sea atlas Spiegel der Zeevaert (1583 / 1585) in the Niewodniczański Collection Imago Poloniae at the Royal Castle in Warsaw
  • N. B. Piekielek (State College, PA) Best practices for georeferencing large scale historical fire insurance maps of the USA

More news can be found on the commission website.

Invitation to the 7th International Conference on Cartography & GIS

7th International Conference on Cartography & GIS

7th International Conference on Cartography & GIS and the Seminar with EU cooperation on Early Warning and Disaster Management will be held during 18–23 June 2018 in Sozopol, Bulgaria. A special session “Digital Earth for Smart Solutions” supported by the International Society for Digital Earth will be part of the conference.

The event will be held during the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, 2018.

Please find all details and important dates on the conference website: iccgis2018.cartography-gis.com

Welcome to Sozopol, Bulgaria


Welcome to ICC2017 in Washington, D.C. #icc2017dc

Today, the 28th International Cartographic Conference is opened in Washington, D.C., USA!

ICC 2017

After busy days with twelve well-attended pre-conference workshops, the main conference will be opened today with keynotes by Robert Cardillo, Tom Patterson, Dr. Lee Schwartz and Mikel Maron. More than 450 presentations in 160 sessions will follow in the next five days. You can download the conference program app by searching for “ICC2017” in the apple App store or on Google Play. The interactive online schedule is available at eventscribe.com/2017/ICC.

Later today, also the Exhibit, the International Cartographic Exhibition and the Children’s Map Exhibition will open. ICC2017 also hosted an Extraordinary General Assembly of the ICA, which took place yesterday. The results will be published on the ICA website soon.

To share your experiences and to stay up-to-date with everything happening at the conference, please use hashtag #icc2017dc.

Enjoy the conference!

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ICA News 68 now online

ICA News 68

We are pleased to announce that the 68th issue of the ICA News is now available for download:

Low resolution (1mb)
High resolution, suitable for print (16.2mb)

Predictably, the ICC 2017 features strongly in this issue of ICA News, complemented by the 17th General Assembly announcement. We are invited to the world cartographic forum and celebrate another volume of Children Map the World book. I hope you find the content interesting.

– Igor Drecki, Editor ICA News

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eCARTO News June 2017

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

ICA Facebook Posts


  • The battle for territory in digital cartography – economist.com
  • The map that fills a 500-million-year gap in Earth’s history – abc.net.au
  • Connecting Citizen Science, GIS, Community Partnerships, and Education – citizensciencegis.org

Just Maps

Map Design

Representations of Place

Map Editing and Map Conservation

Cartographic Resources


Characteristics of Countries

  • The first scientific mapping of the Straits of Magellan, and the first voyage of Charles Darwin – bostonraremaps.com
  • Where Pirates and Cannibals Meet: Exploring Colonial Dutch Brazil – harvard-cga.maps.arcgis.com
  • Portolan chart of the Mediterranean and connecting seas – loc.gov
  • Blaeu Atlas Maior 1662-5, Volume 1 – maps.nls.uk
  • New map reveals ships buried below San Francisco – citymaus.com
  • 1550, Map of the known world commissioned by Henry II of France – bl.uk

“Time on my hands” cartography


Obituary: Don Pearce

Don T. Pearce

It is with great sorrow that ICA received the sad news that Mr. Don Pearce passed away.

Don Pearce set off his cartographic career in 1947 as a cartographic draftsman.

In 1978 he began his involvement in the international cartographic community by preparing and successfully negotiating Australia’s bid for the Seventh General Assembly and Twelfth International Cartographic Conference, which was held in Perth in 1984.

Don Pearce became the Secretary-General of the ICA in 1984 and served in that position until 1992. He remained one of the Vice Presidents of the ICA and continued to represent Australia with distinction until 1995. In 1995, he received the award of Honorary Fellow of ICA in recognition of his participation in the Executive Committee as Secretary-General and Treasurer.

In 1987 he established Promaco Conventions, he has served as Chairman of the Perth Convention Bureau and was responsible for the establishment of the Meeting Industry Association of Western Australia and subsequently the National Association.

In 2002 the Mapping Sciences Institute of Australia awarded its highest honour, the Gold Medal, to Don Pearce who has made a significant contribution to the development of the profession in Australia.

Don Pearce has demonstrated a level of enthusiasm and commitment rarely observed in people holding honorary positions.

The International Cartographic Association shall remember him forever.


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