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Call for organizing ICA Regional Cartographic Conferences

ICA Regional Cartographic Conferences (RCC) are held at irregular intervals, typically run by local organizing committees in different locations around the globe.


RCCs will complement ICCs by providing a regional forum for presentation and exchange of new ideas and approaches to cartography and geographic information science through a mixture of keynote, plenary, technical and poster sessions, as well as workshops and map exhibitions.

Key Criteria

  • The timing of RCCs must not conflict with the schedule of ICCs (typically not occurring within 6 months of an ICC);
  • Normally there will only be one RCC within any region in a two year period;
  • RCCs will cover a wide range of topics in cartography and GI science and organizers are encouraged to collaborate with ICA Commissions;
  • They will be open to participants from all nations and actively encourage participation from the region;
  • The core language of the conference will normally be English, but local language tracks may be included;
  • Publication of proceedings will comply with ICA publication policy for conference proceedings.

Bids to host a RCC

Potential Local Organizing Committees, with support of their ICA National Member(s), should submit expressions of interest to host a RCC to the ICA Secretary General at least 12 months prior to the event. The bid should include details of organizers, dates and venues, outline programme and draft budget.

ICA Executive Committee will evaluate proposals based on the key criteria and the clear intention of the organizers to comply with the spirit of providing a regional forum. All finances of RCCs is a matter for the LOC.

Further guidance on running RCCs is provided (see ICA Guideline for Regional Cartographic Conferences), based on previous experience of organizing such events.

Other points to consider/notes:

  • It is up to the organizers to define ‘region’. This may be a continent, but may be a sub-continental area (e.g. Eastern Europe) or cross continental area (e.g. the Middle East). Clearly national events will not be considered.
  • Should there be a requirement to invite (and pay for) a member of the ICA EC member to deliver a keynote?


  • Submission of bids: 1 June 2017 30 June 2017
  • Application should be sent to the ICA Secretary-General via email and in one paper copy (signed by the national member).
  • Announcement of winning bids: during ICC 2017.


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