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August’s Map of the Month is online – a geological map of the Pyrenees

This month’s ICA Map of the Month is the entitled Carte Géologique des Pyrénées. Despite the French title it is bilingual: French and Spanish. It was published by the institutes of minerology and geology of France and Spain.
At the last ICC in Chile it won the second jury prize in the category “Thematic Maps”.

Get more information and have a look at the map!

Category: General News

Honorary Fellowship for José-Luis Colomer Alberich

José-Luis Colomer Alberich has had a brilliant scientific and professional career in the field of cartography and geographic information sciences to which he has dedicated himself for 30 years. His important contributions to Catalonian, Spanish and European cartography have merited praise and recognition not only from those in Spain but broadly in the European Union. He has been fully involved in the growth and consolidation of the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia as a mapping institution using leading edge technology. Based on his previous background in digital image processing and computer science, he has successfully promoted and managed the introduction of computer-assisted techniques and has participated in very large and innovative national and international mapping projects. He has been active within the different ICA commissions and served as President of the Scientific Committee of the 27th International Cartographic Conference in Barcelona, 1995.

Mr. Colomer has shown dedication to the cartography and geographic information through his position as Technical Director of the prestigious Catalonian Cartographic Institute for the past 24 years; as university professor, imparting knowledge in the Autonomous University of Barcelona; and as a researcher, computer systems manager, and leader of the Remote Sensing Project at the Computer Centre of the Technical University of Catalonia.

It is especially fitting to honour Mr. Colomer at an ICC in A Coruña, the first ICC in Spain since his work with ICC in 1995.

For his strong career and his service to ICA as President of the Scientific Committee of the 27th International Cartographic Conference in 1995, the International Cartographic Association awards Jose-Luis Colomer Alberich its Honorary Fellowship.

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Diploma for outstanding services for Ramón Lorenzo

Ramon Lorenzo has performed a double task in ICA for the past 4 years – not only was he the conference director, supported by his wife Isabel, but he has also had a specific and arduous tasks as Vice-President, as he was made responsible in the Executive Committee for the professional practice field. This double task proved to be extremely beneficial for the ICA and ICC, as in a way it put our feet back on the ground and strengthened the link with professional practitioners, such as hydrographers and topographers, that got a bit out of sight by an undue emphasis on academic work. This was translated by Ramon into the organization of workshops and the incorporation of sessions on practical cartography, even if at the same time he organized sessions on GPS, Galileo and Space cartography.

As conference director, Ramon has been able to motivate a large group of volunteers to perform, and by a continued strong effort has been able to get a large number of categories of cartographers and Geographic Information specialists to A Coruna. He has highlighted the societal impact of our profession and has been the perfect ambassador of our profession, both in Spain and the World.

Therefore the Executive Committee awards him the diploma for outstanding services to ICA.

Category: General News

Honorary Fellowship for Jaume Miranda

Jaume Miranda has served the ICA as a Vice President for eight years. His background in computer science, remote sensing and photogrammetry has been helpful to the Executive Committee on many occasions. He is well known as the Director of the highly successful 10th General Assembly and 17th International Conference of the ICA in Barcelona. Jaume Miranda’s interest in cartography and his superb leadership has gained world recognition for Catalonian Cartography. For his contribution to Cartography and his outstanding conference and institutional leadership, Jaume Miranda is awarded the ICA Honorary Fellowship.

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Honorary Fellowship for Rodolfo Nuñez de las Cuevas

Le Comité executif de l’Association Cartographique Internationale (ACI), en vertu des pouvoirs confirmés par ses statuts, désigne par la présente Rodolfo Nuñes de las Cuevas Membre Honoraire en reconnaissance de ses qualités d’organisateur émérite de manifestations cartographiques internationales dans un esprit pionnier, assumant à deux reprises et à vingt ans d’intervalle la responsabilité d’une conférence mondiale de l’ACI.

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