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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
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International Cartographic Association Statement on Ukraine

The International Cartographic Association expresses its shock and dismay at the incursion by Russia into the sovereign state of Ukraine. Violation of a sovereign nation is unacceptable. Without provocation, innocent victims within the borders of Ukraine suffer unbearable intrusion and danger causing loss of life, intolerable pain and suffering on children, women and men, mass migrations to neighboring countries, and unnecessary destruction of property. The violent interruption of normalcy undermines global security and stability for every part of our world watching these horrible events unfold.

The International Cartographic Association calls for an end to all actions stemming from the forceful intrusion of Ukraine’s borders and a resolution for restoring the sovereignty of Ukraine and its people. The International Cartographic Association is in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and specifically with cartographers in both Ukraine and Russia who can contribute to protecting the sovereignty of Ukraine while beginning a path back to normalcy.

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Meetings and workshops of the ICA Commission on Atlases in 2012

The following meetings and workshops are organized or co-organized by the ICA Commission on Atlases in 2012:

“National Atlases in the Formation of the Global Information Space”, 5th All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “National Mapping”

September 13-14, Kiev (Ukraine)

Venue: Kiev House of Scientists, Kiev, Volodymyrska str., 45А

Organizers: National Committee of Geographers of Ukraine, Ukrainian Geographical Society, ICA Commission on Atlases, Ukrainian Cartographic Association, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Geography), State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Kartographia”

Topics: Characteristics of national and regional atlases of different countries of the world, modern conceptual approaches to the creation of national and regional atlases, problems of information reflection and coordination of thematics of border regions maps, Software and technology of creation of paper and electronic versions of Continue reading