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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
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Working Groups Archive

This page lists working groups of former periods. Current working groups can be found here.

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Working GroupChair
Gender in CartographyEva Sikierska (CAN)
IFLA/ICA cooperationJohann Neumann (GER)
Marine ChartingRon Furness (AUS)
Market of GIVictor Glickman (CAN)
Theoretical cartographyTosimoto Kanakubo (JAP)



Working GroupChair
Basic Manual of CartographyKoeman
Multilingual Dictionary of Technical TermsMeynen
Inter-Association WG ICA-IFLA on Documental Aspects of Cartographic Material
Inter-Association WG ICA-IGU on Environmental Atlases




    Well I have a great pleasure on receiving Dr.Eva Siekerska from Canada, at home ,with my family, on tasting some delicious brazilian food prepared by my very older mummy, when she stayed in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, at IBGE/CDDI for a IPGH meeting, and I worked there about 3 years. I shown to her some at the IBGE/CDDI Library some precious old Atlas from Poland where she was born. Some years in advance we participated at the 18th ICC/ICA/ACI in Stokholm,Sweden, in June, 1997. At the GT Gender in Cartography I presented the speech named “What Is Gender In Cartography?”,and more “Cartographic Alternatives in the Amazon” a presented printed paper on the Proceedings… the Land of a German Brazilian Queen Silvia Somerlath…where the Brazilian Football Selection won the first time in 1958 Cup!!!!

    On basin that speech about Gender in Cartography I have been produced a classical paper – “As Mulheres Na Cartografia Brasileira” – or “Brazilian Women in Cartography” published at the ISINEA Annals, Federal Alagoas University – Geometer Engineering Course, in Maceió, State of Alagoas, Northeastern from Brazil, in December, 2005, a very nice place, where I went sponsored by Mr President of the Rio de Janeiro Engineering Council – CREA-RJ Eng. Reynaldo Barros.I was Geometer Adviser and Coordinator at this time. Also at The ABEA/CREA-RJ Seminar – Brazilian Women in Science and Technology (August/2005) and Brazilian Society of Geography -SBG (October/2005).


    Eliane Alves da Silva
    Cartographer Engineer/Geographer MSc
    Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
    Former Adviser at CREA-RJ (2002-2007)
    Former Adviser at Engineering Club(2005-2007)
    Former CCEEAGRIs/CONFEA Vice Coordinator (2007)
    Writer at A MIRA – Agrimensura e Cartografia (since 2001)
    Writer at MUNDOGEO
    Retired Professor at Uff – Federal Fluminense University
    Former Professor at IME – Military Institute Engineering
    Advisr at ABEA/FEBRAE

    19 April 2013 at 10:52 pm

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