Census Cartography Working Group Logo


  1. Share and exchange information on mapping methodologies that support censuses and statistical surveys by:
    1. collaborating with cartographic units in statistical agencies to document their mapping processes that support field operations for taking a census or conducting a satistical survey;
    2. encouraging statistical organizations to produce and disseminate cartographic products to accompany the use of statistical data;
    3. identifying challenges and obstacles in census mapping operations;
    4. conducting workshops and/or seminars that present best practices in census cartography and census mapping operations, new developments and technical innovations;
  2. Encourage the use of new technologies and approaches supporting census mapping by:
    1. demonstrating successful mapping technology ventures of census organizations;
    2. identifying methods for improved harmonization of data and data integration;
    3. explore and develop cartographic techniques for effective communication of statistical data themes.
  3. Serve as a forum for census cartographers and organizations that promote census mapping activities by:
    1. using ICA sponsored workshops and conferences for regional meetings of census cartographers;
    2. encouraging sponsoring organizations such as the United Nations to participate in conference theme tracks of the International Cartographic Conference.