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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
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16 Dec 2020
17 Dec 2020
Gent, Belgien
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21 Apr 2021
24 Apr 2021
Madrid, Spain
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(POSTPONED) Atlases in Time – National and Regional Issues
Symposium organized by the ICA Commission on Atlases and the ICA/IGU Commission on Toponomy together with the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN) map-service.de/madrid2020/
26 May 2021
28 May 2021
Lecce, 73100 Lecce, Italien
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(POSTPONED) IGU Conference on Heritage Geographies: Politics, Uses and Governance of the Past

Sessions on the topic “Place names as a part of thecultural heritage” with 25 papers already submitted and accepted. (Theconference should have taken place in May 2020 and was postponed). Additional abstractscan be submitted, a deadline has not yet been defined. Contact: peter.jordan@oeaw.ac.at

14 Jun 2021
19 Jun 2021
Nessebar, Bulgaria
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(POSTPONED) 8th International Conference on Cartography and GIS
28 Jun 2021
1 Jul 2021
Prag, Tschechien
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8th EuGeo Congress on the Geography of Europe
Abstracts due by 31 January 2021 to www.eugeo2021.eu Contact: peter.jordan@oeaw.ac.at
16 Aug 2021
21 Aug 2021
Istanbul, Türkei
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34th IGU International Geographical Congress
Sessions on the topic “Place names asindicators of human perception of space” with 15 papers already submitted andaccepted. (The conference should have taken place in August 2020 and waspostponed). Additional abstracts can be submitted by 11 January (to www.igc2020.org/en/ABS......html ).
1 Sep 2021
4 Sep 2021
Basel, Schweiz
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(POSTPONED) 20. Kartographiehistorisches Colloquium
Invitation to join the 20th Colloquium on the History of Cartography (German-speaking, English presentations possible). More information: www.kartengeschichte.ch/dach/
14 Sep 2021
Warsaw, Poland
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(POSTPONED) ICA Workshop on Analytical Reasoning: Cartography, Visualization, Design
Co-Organized by the ICA Commissions on Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, and User Experience (UX) carto-vis-workshop.uw.edu.pl/
29 Sep 2021
1 Oct 2021
Swakopmund, Namibia
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6th International Symposium on Place Names “Standardisation and the wealth of place names – aspects of a delicate relationship”
Contact and abstracts (no deadline defined): kongresetfb@ufs.ac.za (Chrismi-Rinda Loth)
13 Dec 2021
17 Dec 2021
Florence, Italy
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2021: 30th International Cartographic Conference
17 Sep 2022
19 Sep 2022
Vienna, Austria
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(POSTPONED) EuroCarto 2022
Central European Conference / 70. Deutscher Kartographie Kongress. Co-organized by the Austrian Cartographic Commission, the German Society of Cartography and the Swiss Society of Cartography
www.eurocarto2020.org / www.eurocarto2022.org
13 Aug 2023
18 Aug 2023
Cape Town, South Africa
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2023: 31st International Cartographic Conference and 19th General Assembly

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