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Study of Applying Geo-Spatial Metadata to Digital Map Quality Control

      Chuncheng Yang (China)               

On the Role of Quality Relations in Patch-Based Spatial Data Updating

      Arie Croitoru, Yerahmiel Doytsher (Israel)              

Accuracy of Topographic Mapping Using Different Scanning Resolutions

      Maha A. Jaafar (USA)                 

Development of a Spatially Based Decision-Making Construct With Application to Rural Land Management

      David Fraser (Australia)               

A Methodology to Adjust Digital Cadastral Areas in GIS

      Tong Xiaohua, Liu Dajie, Gong Jianya (China)             

Status of Data Quality in European National Mapping Agencies

      Antti Jakobsson (Finland), Francois Vauglin (France) 

Accuracy Enhancement of Topographic Mapping Using Multispectral Imagery

      Raad A. Saleh (USA)      

Modeling Dem Uncertainty in Geomorphometric Applications with Monte Carlo-Simulation

      Juha Oksanen, Tapani Sarjakoski (Finland)

Evaluating Quality of Multi-Scale Geographical Objects

      Olli A. Jaakkola, Ville Helminen (Finland)

Assessing the Positional Accuracy of Spatial Data in GIS Environment

      M. Caprioli, E. Tarantino (Italy)                 

The Practice of Methods of Detecting on the Quality of Geographic Spatial Data

      Zhang Jin-ming, Wang Guang-xia, Liu Fang (China)


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