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National and Regional Atlases: A Case Study on Necessary Elements Needed to Prepare an Atlas of Nepal for Secondary Level Students

      Pawitra Thapa (Nepal)                                                                                                                

Atlas of Saskatchewan C A Product of Technological Innovation

      Ka-iu Fung (Canada)                                                                                                                  

Creation of the Electronic Version of the National Atlas of Russia

      Victor V. Sveshnikov, Serghei V. Krivoff (Russia)                                                                    

The Atlas of Qubec on Internet: Building a Territory Information Network 

in the Province of Qubec (Canada)

      Jean Carrire, Juan-Luis Klein (Canada)                                                                                        

The National Physical Atlas of China

      Liao Ke (China)                                                                                                                      

Environmental Atlas of the Corumbatai Watershed

      Gilberto J. Garcia, Srgio L. Antonello, Monica G.M. Magalhaes (Brazil)                               

A New Statistical Atlas for the European Union

      Lysandros Tsoulos (Greece), Lorenz Hurni (Switzerland)                                                         

Atlas of the World. III Edition Thorough Geographical Atlas

      Natalya N. Polunkina (Russia)                                                                                                      

National Atlas of Russia (1st Volume). General Idea of Atlas

      Natalya I. Sviridova (Russia)                                                                                                      

GIS Functionality in Multimedia Atlases: Spatial Analysis for Everyone

      Barbara Schneider (Switzerland)                                                                                                      

From Flatland to Spaceland Concepts for Interactive 3D Navigation in High Standard Atlases

      Stefan Huber, Ren Sieber (Switzerland)                                                                                           

Digital Atlas of Chile, Design and Implementation

      Jorge Godoy Gutierrez, Rodrigo Barriga Vargas (Chile)                                                              

A Study of the Design of Atlas of Shenzhen City

      He zongyi, Hou tao, Yu xia (China)                                                                                         

Precursors to the Rise of English World Atlases; Theatres, Atlases, Cosmographies,Geographies, and Sets of Maps

      Dalia Varanka (USA)                                                                                                              

The Atlas 2000, The New Atlas of Israel

      Tamar Soffer, Arie Shachar (Israel)                                                                                        

Characteristics in Data Management within a Scientific Multinational Internet Atlas

      Christian Resch, Peter Jordan (Austria)                                                                                       

Electronic National Atlas of the Republic of Poland: Framework, Development and Challenges

      Michal Okonek (Poland)                                                                                                          

Designing an Electronic Socio-Economic New Atlas of Greece

      Karanikolas Nicolas, Lafazani Pery, Myridis Myron (Greece)                                                         

National Atlases Since 1990 New Approaches?

      Christian Lambrecht (Germany)                                                                                              

Geobotanical Map of Russia for National Atlas

      Tatiana Yurkovskaya (Russia)                                                                                          

The National Atlas of Canada -- Growth, Challenge and Evolution

      R. Eric Kramers (Canada)                                                                                               

Atlas of Canada and Atlas of Saskatchewan: Examples of National and Provincial Atlases

      Stefan Palko (Canada)                                                                                                          

The Compiling Characteristics and the Benefits of The Atlas of Agriculture of Fujian Province

      Guo Debing, Chen Guangyong (China)                                                                                         

National Atlas of Russia: the Present State and Perspectives

      Victor V. Sveshnikov (Russia)                                                                                                          

International Geologic-Geophysical Atlases of Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

      Dina I. Zhiv (Russia)                                                                                                                   

Conception of Barnaul Atlas for a Businessman

      Viktor Rudsky (Russia), Alexander Wolodtschenko (Germany)                                                       

Translation Rules for the Dynamic Generation of New Media Atlases

      Todd Walker, William Cartwright (Australia)                                                                        

The Canadian Communities Atlas

      R. Eric Kramers (Canada)              


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